Gaza vs Israel : Does not matter who you kill.

Malaysian as always will be the loudest people on the back and the quiet one when in front.

It was proven again when looking into the conflict between Gaza and Israel.

They shout, they cuss, they diss, they even destroy public and private property to show their support to Gaza.

Nevertheless, for non muslim Malaysian, they bash facebook, spam everything talking about how stupid muslim shout, cuss, diss, destroy public and private property and somehow they did not support Gaza entirely and some even support Israel.

Both are typical Malaysian. We will never get out from this mentality, and if someone did, he is a minority and need to be stop and isolated.

My opinion and view, it does not matter who kill who, both are wrong in killing people.

Obviously, Israel are inhuman by killing lot of children and innocence people, and in Gaza part or more to Hamas part, they also have blood in their hand.

What is wrong with Muslim now suddenly becoming like terrorist like what westerner envision before. We say "no we are a religion of peace, we did not support terrorism"..then when the conflict happen we say "kill jews, destroy israel, they did not deserve to live, support al qassam"

That sound like a terrorist supporter for me.

Even when we boycott mcdonald, we vandalized their premise like we are some gang of terrorist or what.

How do we promote peace when we act like this? Are our prayer everyday praying for the death of Israel?

Did they realize Islamophobic people tend to say Koran teach and encourage muslim to kill non muslim? Now those people will smile and say " I told you so, I am not surprise, that is how Islam is"


And for those non muslim malaysian, they believe that they are the right one now. So they post and spam their social media eating Israel product and laughing happily ever after. Muslim boycott these product they make a shout out asking for that product and show the world they are using that product.

Then they started posting the right of Israel to found a country and everything unsupporting their fellow muslim friend.

Yet they said they are promoting peace? Are women and children in Gaza death is a joke for them? Are we boycotting israel because we are muslim and non muslim not oblige to oppose the murder of innocence children?

How sick our society is. Does not matter we are muslim or not, women and children are dying in Gaza.

Stop looking people at their religion and race first, look at them as a human first.

I would not kill a Jew if he is innocence. Who are we to decide other people life.

For me, what Israel have done is totally unacceptable and they need a stern action to be carried out to them for their sin in killing innocence people. They should not be supported. They should not just get away like that after kiling a lot of people.

And for Hamas and Al qassam, they should not be praised as a hero. They are not like what those people said " the soldier of Islam", they are just a soldier. They may fight for their own land but they too should not get away just like that after making their own people suffer.

When Prophet Muhammad lost a war, he retreat to make sure not much casualty to be bear by his army. And this Hamas already losing thoussand of their people life, still proudly call them self the Hero and will cost more casualty until they stop and retreat.

Surrender may make you look like a loser but it will never be certain the other side is a complete winner.

Both Israel and Hamas need to stop now.

We should donate our money to buy food for Gazan and not bullet for Hamas. We should boycott Israel to make sure they realize, we will never support terrorist anyway.


For those eagerly want to comment and attack me for not supporting Al Qassam, please do understand, this is my opinion. It is up to you to go and vandalize whatever you want and kill what ever you want. But once you kill, you will never be a hero but a murderer.


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