I need Mac!

I cannot do my work anymore with my phone or tab. I really think that somebody need to create a tab or a phome that can be used to get thing done....wait..someone just did that. Yes.

Microsoft has offered a new kind of tablet that can be used as a laptop. They name it surface pro. A tab that pack the power of a laptop. Running on windows 8.1 and whatever great tech thing they put inside that machine.

However, it does not come with a keyboard. Keyboard sell separately. That surface thing already cost rm3500+ and you need to buy rm350+ keyboard to go along with it. You cant buy cheap fake keyboard because they way they create the thing was already equipped with a keyboard and some jokers decided to sell they keyboard separately. Hell no.

And there is one phone that can make my work done. I have used it before but the company building that phone is going down to the ground. Its blackberry. I know a blackberry really can make stuff happen but the lack of apps and still...some limitation on document software, for example creating animation in a presentation is not possible, it is a phone not a notebook..

I really need a notebook that can be used for work but at the same time for entertainment occasionally. Most of notebook nowadays pack with hype such as touchscreen or beats audio, but most of them just concentrate on that i forget what a notebook supposed to deliver.

From my weeks of online research, i found out that a macbook is what i need. But i do not know how to get one with that......price! It is expensive compare to other windows laptop. But in term of specs, a same specs windows notebook cost more than macbook. They supposed have same power in performance. Investment in apple product does not seem to be regretful. My mom ipad 2 still working with such power that my new nexus tab can't challenges.

A macbook is the thing i need but its price can be use to buy 2 decent performance windows notebook.


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