Non citizen in Sabah

Probably you heard the issue of illegal immigrant in sabah is just a hoax or propaganda did by someone for their own benefit.

Nope. Its real. I am not sure why nobody bother about this but I believe this land will be own by imkigrant in the future. I pray so that will not happen but at this rate, without serious intervention by authority, it might happen eventually.

Working in a field where my customers or patient ( I am a doctor), came from everywhere does not matter they are legal or illegal. If i work in school or police station maybe i would not see such people but in hospital, eventually they will have to come for their health concern.

Most of these people live in a remote area where police or immigration officer would not dare to go. When they come to hospital, usually in bad condition because of their poor living condition. Infection is the most common causes for them to go out from hiding. I did ask one of them regarding their village, how many houses? Some even claimed more than hundred houses. They are colonizing or what?

And that is the pure illegal one. Another type would be fake legal one. I know an Iban if i see one but I once encountered a timor claiming to be iban. Have IC and all the child have birth certificates. Their father is illegal somehow, no document or what so ever. Some came looking so old but their IC show their age only 27,younger than me.

I have seen so many suspicious ic, including those who borrow ic from someone so that they can get free treatment. One time i ask history from a patient and he admitted after i ask so many times regarding his place of stay before coming to the area of my hospital ( i want to know which clinic did not give medicine for hypertension) that he came from sulawesi. So diagnosed in sulawesi. Ooh. I jot down the history and discharge him later juat to realize that he has a Blue Mykad. Correct one i double check with JPN. Why the hell he has that when he only came here to work less than a year?

If i tell more story of my strange encounter with such people,i could compile a book with 500-600 page. Even if we doctor meet with our friend doctor from other hospital  over coffee or tea, this topic is the most common topic we would chat for hours. On how we met different type of fake ic or suspicious one.

No offend but most of the suspicious ic or mykad came from sarawak i do not know why.

Nevertheless, we still have to treat anyone as long as they are human being no matter what. So be aware citizen that your tax money is somehow flowing to non citizen. Dont blame us cause we are doing our job to treat people. Not our job to arrest or find these people.



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