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NetPay Refund

Have you ever buy something from belong using Net Pay? I do and unfortunately the seller refund my money due to no stock of the item that I bought. I bought using my credit card. The seller inform me on 17/12/2014 regarding the refund, he apologise and then inform me that he has contacted Net Pay to inform regarding the failed buying process. Net Pay send me email (after I sent an email to them asking about my refund) and they said they have received the info from seller regarding the refund. They will process the refund within 14 days. Now almost 14 days and I have call CIMB credit card dept to ask regarding the refund money and they said they have not yet received any transaction into my account from Net Pay. Have anyone experience refund from Net Pay? How long does it take for my money to be refunded? I really want my money back because it is a credit card transaction. Now with the current outstanding balance, interest will go up. I do not want unnecessary interest payme

It's A Sick World: Reality Show vs Reality

Have you all watched Truman Show? Its a good Jim Carrey Movie. For those who still not watched it, be warned.. This is going to be a spoiler. That movie was released some years ago, i believe in the 1998 if I am not mistaken. I am still young at that time and there was no cinema in my hometown thus I have to watch it using the old Video Cassette. That movie was released way before reality TV become a sensation all over the world. Way before The first season of Survivor in Pulau Tiga Sabah. During that time, we all never knew what a reality show really are. For us, everything inside the television or movie is a good show for entertainment. Thus, at that period of time, Truman Show can be very mind challenging and exciting to see. That movie is showing how in the 'future' entertainment has changed where people want more reality than just a show. Thus, they chose a guy name Truman (Jim Carrey) to be pictured live on television 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the time he wa

Eminem Shady XV : Review

The newest album for Eminem entitled Shady XV.  Its not an Eminem album per say. It was more like a compilation of various artist, some old song also included inside the album.  It is more like the previous Re-Up album by Shady Records.  So after breaking the world record for the fastest selling album of all time for Eminem Marshall Mathers LP, multiple grammy awards, even an Academy Awards, how did Eminem keep up with this world wear music now are dominated by Korean Pop Music culture.  People are forgetting Rap and hip hop music. Thanks to the new hip hop artist / rappers, now nobody know what is rap anymore. What people know about hip hop is bling bling, big booty, whore, alcohol, sport car and club. Not a bit of real hip hop where the rappers were talking about how they keep up and struggle in their life to get what they have nowadays and telling a story so that people can learn on what mistakes they have done.  Whatever you are doing, Hip Hop nowaday

The New Macbook of Mine

This will be the first entry I wrote from my New Macbook Air. I have been out of proper notebook since a few months ago. Finally.... I feel so alive now. Haha. Typing is so comfortable using this notebook. I am not sure yet what I am going to do with this new Macbook of mine. I am very new to Mac OS appearance but I am used to Ubuntu so i guess I am OK since Ubuntu and Mac OS have somehow a similar feeling to it. I will try to keep this notebook as long as I can before I get a new one. Surely. Its expensive lah...

UPS Apple And The Delay In Sabah 2

Finally, my package arrived today. After 2 days of agonizing pain of waiting, suddenly I received a call from Pos Malaysia saying that my package from Singapore has arrived. A bit weird because it was supposed to sent by UPS but now it was at Pos Malaysia office. I did not bother to ask further question, I just want my Macbook Air. So here it is.. I am still waiting for NetPay to refund my money..... At least one problem solved. I will not forget this experienced from buying using UPS. Not recommended.

UPS Apple And The Delay in Sabah

I want a Macbook. Instead of buying from Apple online store, I initially chose to buy it from the A famous site for online shopping in Malaysia. I have a thought that if I buy from Apple Online store, it can take up to one week before it arrived. That is my experienced when I order Ipad 2 a few years ago. Unfortunately, My order was out of stock from a seller in Lelong. With a bit of this and that, they refunded my money using Netpay and now i have a problem, Net pay took 14 days to process that refund. With that frustration, I have to turn back to Apple and order a Macbook from them. I guess better be safe rather than sorry. So i order on Dec 17 from Apple online Store Malaysia. No problem in ordering. My Macbook was in stock. So perhaps I will get my Macbook earlier than what I have plan. It was shipped a day after I order it. Very fast. Impressive as expected from apple. Trouble comes later. Apple using UPS nowadays to ship their item. Everyday UPS updated my

Chili and Me

I didn't eat spicy food. I was born in a family where spicy food is like a taboo. We rarely cook hot food. And we do, I am the one who usually suffer from stomach ache.  Someone told me when I was in Med school that I am allergic to chili. I am not sure whether that condition exist or is it everyone will have stomach ache after eating a certain amount of spicy food.  I do love spicy food but I can't tolerate it. Not until a few weeks ago. I started trying to eat something in a restaurant called Nando's Chicken where they offer a variety of spiciness grade. From non spicy to Extra hot. So why not? I venture to a level of mild hot. It does not taste hot at all but from that momment I started to realize that there is a kind of chemical reaction that cause my brain to say that hot food is delicious.  I started to cook half of my meal involving bird eye chili which are abundant in our country in general. It does taste nice. It give a comfort warm feeling inside. Bes

Old Computer and Ubuntu 14.10 LTS

I own an old Compaq presario laptop. After a few years, as expected, it broke a wait 4-5 minutes for it to start, and another 3-4 minutes to wait for it to shut down. I could not take it anymore. My plan now is to get myself a macbook air or any Window 7 ultrabook ( i want super portable laptop to get work done on the way). However, a decent Window 7 ultrabook cost almost RM5000. A macbook air entry level cost around RM3000-Rm4000. I am very tight on budget now. I want to get some speed into my laptop. I can't upgrade its RAM anymore, and some suggesting SSD, I do not know whether this Netbook can support that. I make some decision to change the OS to a more lighter one, and free. Yes, Ubuntu. After a struggle for a few hours trying to figure out how to install Ubuntu, I finally made it. Ubuntu installed. Then i struggle for another few hours tuning the setting to make my laptop usable. Simple setting like brightness, saving battery setting,enabling flash, installing VLC, ins