Chili and Me

I didn't eat spicy food. I was born in a family where spicy food is like a taboo. We rarely cook hot food. And we do, I am the one who usually suffer from stomach ache. 

Someone told me when I was in Med school that I am allergic to chili. I am not sure whether that condition exist or is it everyone will have stomach ache after eating a certain amount of spicy food. 

I do love spicy food but I can't tolerate it. Not until a few weeks ago. I started trying to eat something in a restaurant called Nando's Chicken where they offer a variety of spiciness grade. From non spicy to Extra hot. So why not? I venture to a level of mild hot. It does not taste hot at all but from that momment I started to realize that there is a kind of chemical reaction that cause my brain to say that hot food is delicious. 

I started to cook half of my meal involving bird eye chili which are abundant in our country in general. It does taste nice. It give a comfort warm feeling inside. Best ate during a cold rainy season. 

In the end, I believe that a certain amount of chili is really necessary in my everyday meal. I guess in the end, I am still an Asian Malay. Chili is a must in every recipe. Perhaps now i can try cooking fusion recipe, for example Pasta with bird eye chili...

p/s: I realized that my wife do cook a good recipe of pasta with bird eye chili and mushroom. There is a recipe for that. 


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