It's A Sick World: Reality Show vs Reality

Have you all watched Truman Show? Its a good Jim Carrey Movie. For those who still not watched it, be warned.. This is going to be a spoiler.

That movie was released some years ago, i believe in the 1998 if I am not mistaken. I am still young at that time and there was no cinema in my hometown thus I have to watch it using the old Video Cassette.

That movie was released way before reality TV become a sensation all over the world. Way before The first season of Survivor in Pulau Tiga Sabah. During that time, we all never knew what a reality show really are. For us, everything inside the television or movie is a good show for entertainment. Thus, at that period of time, Truman Show can be very mind challenging and exciting to see.

That movie is showing how in the 'future' entertainment has changed where people want more reality than just a show. Thus, they chose a guy name Truman (Jim Carrey) to be pictured live on television 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the time he was still in her mother womb until he grow up to become a nice young guy than later he realised that none of his life is real. It is all about a show. A reality show.

When I first saw the movie, I was kind of shocked on how people in the 'future' do such thing. How evil is that? Putting people life as a show. Our life supposed to be unique and precious, and need to be kept for ourselves, not for a show. I believed all people that watched the movie think the same like i do. That is what the movie is all about anyway.

After the movie, I thought, such future will never exist. People would not do such thing.

16 years later.......

I was wrong. It does happen.

Now every TV are filled with reality show. Camera is shooting on a reality stuff, for others entertainment. The worse, people start making reality show of their baby. I was watching Pureen reality tv where a couple of celebrity filming their pregnancy until the baby was born and automatically that baby going to be an entertainment idol later...a real Truman was born.

Worst, when this became a trend nowadays. Not only celebrity, my friends also start posting video and pictured of their baby on the net. Not just a picture with their phone but professionally shoot like a model or something.

I will never do such thing even though my wife insist that i go for it. She is kind of sad because all of our friends have their modelling kind of picture of their baby.

For me, my life, my family, is already a story. Later it became a memory. And forever it will remain a memory. I do not which my life, my story or my memory became an entertainment for others.

Its a sick world we leaving this days.....


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