NetPay Refund

Have you ever buy something from belong using Net Pay?

I do and unfortunately the seller refund my money due to no stock of the item that I bought. I bought using my credit card.

The seller inform me on 17/12/2014 regarding the refund, he apologise and then inform me that he has contacted Net Pay to inform regarding the failed buying process.

Net Pay send me email (after I sent an email to them asking about my refund) and they said they have received the info from seller regarding the refund. They will process the refund within 14 days.

Now almost 14 days and I have call CIMB credit card dept to ask regarding the refund money and they said they have not yet received any transaction into my account from Net Pay.

Have anyone experience refund from Net Pay? How long does it take for my money to be refunded?

I really want my money back because it is a credit card transaction. Now with the current outstanding balance, interest will go up. I do not want unnecessary interest payment to my bank just because someone not doing their job fast enough.

Now I am waiting Net Pay to reply my email. Hopefully Net Pay is a serious company and not another scam.

-Update- 11-01-2015

I have just realise that my refund has been transferred to me after a few email sent to Netpay. I am not sure in which part that the process stuck but I believe that there is something wrong in Netpay request as my bank told me that they did not received any refund request from Netpay.

After sending an email to notify Netpay that my bank did not received any request from them, Netpay themselves tries to confirm with my bank and turn out a few days later the refund was made.

I am so relieved now. Netpay is not a scam after all. However a bit inconvenience in my part as if I kept waiting, I believe no transaction will be made for weeks. Due to my impatient, I can rest assure now.

As for now, I am a bit afraid to deal with Netpay but better late then never.


  1. hey man..can u teach me how to get back our money if we have paid for item in lelong but the seller tell me that no stock for that item. The seller told me that i can regain my money back from netpay..but the refund should be their responsibility right?what should i do?

    1. The seller will refund the money. Netpay will took a few days if not week to confirm the refund. In my case, I waited almost 2 weeks for the refund. About 10 days. You can email netpay with your transaction number details and so on. They usually will reply it soon. Just make sure the seller do their part.

  2. should i just wait for the refund or immediately email NetPay after the seller told me that a refund will be processed? I'm anxious whether the seller is doing his part or will there be like a notification on lelong showing that the product has been refunded?

    1. Wait first. But then there will be a notification from netpay about the refund. Netpay took about 2 weeks to refund.


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