Old Computer and Ubuntu 14.10 LTS

I own an old Compaq presario laptop. After a few years, as expected, it broke a wait 4-5 minutes for it to start, and another 3-4 minutes to wait for it to shut down.

I could not take it anymore. My plan now is to get myself a macbook air or any Window 7 ultrabook ( i want super portable laptop to get work done on the way). However, a decent Window 7 ultrabook cost almost RM5000. A macbook air entry level cost around RM3000-Rm4000. I am very tight on budget now.

I want to get some speed into my laptop. I can't upgrade its RAM anymore, and some suggesting SSD, I do not know whether this Netbook can support that.

I make some decision to change the OS to a more lighter one, and free. Yes, Ubuntu. After a struggle for a few hours trying to figure out how to install Ubuntu, I finally made it. Ubuntu installed. Then i struggle for another few hours tuning the setting to make my laptop usable. Simple setting like brightness, saving battery setting,enabling flash, installing VLC, installing codec. All thing that I would not bother to do when using Windows.

That's what good about Windows, you get everything tune for you. That is what you are paying for. For a free OS like Ubuntu, you have to it yourself.

A bit headache on how to create script to make sure bluetooth and WIFI turn off on startup and this and that. A lot of thing to do. And most of the setting part is using terminal or in windows MSDOS. Line and line after line of command.

In the end, I get it right. When it is right, Ubuntu is not bad at all. It fast, start up and shut down now only take up less than 30 seconds, maybe just 10 seconds compare to 4 minutes Windows 7. I kind of love it.

However, when i think about it, if you are thinking that you want to use Ubuntu for media, gaming, or designing work, i don't think it fit for you. Windows or Mac could be better. If you want to use it just to get some paperwork done and a few presentation, then its good.

I am gonna stick to Ubuntu for now. Until i get my new Macbook. Saving for Macbook. 


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