UPS Apple And The Delay in Sabah

I want a Macbook. Instead of buying from Apple online store, I initially chose to buy it from the A famous site for online shopping in Malaysia. I have a thought that if I buy from Apple Online store, it can take up to one week before it arrived. That is my experienced when I order Ipad 2 a few years ago.

Unfortunately, My order was out of stock from a seller in Lelong. With a bit of this and that, they refunded my money using Netpay and now i have a problem, Net pay took 14 days to process that refund.

With that frustration, I have to turn back to Apple and order a Macbook from them. I guess better be safe rather than sorry. So i order on Dec 17 from Apple online Store Malaysia. No problem in ordering. My Macbook was in stock. So perhaps I will get my Macbook earlier than what I have plan.

It was shipped a day after I order it. Very fast. Impressive as expected from apple.

Trouble comes later. Apple using UPS nowadays to ship their item. Everyday UPS updated my tracking info and that is good news. However when it come to a time when the item need to be send to Sabah from Selangor, suddenly the update stopped.

I have to pray and hope that the item is still on the right track. Then the status update change on 22 Dec to "On vehicle: Out for delivery". So i was excited. I will get my item soon.

However, after waiting and hour pass 6.00 PM that day, I know that my package will not arrive on 22nd Dec. The status now in UPS website still saying On Vehicle out for delivery but now Schedule delivery date is 23 Dec. So I waited today until 3 PM and the item did not arrive.

I called up UPS and the Custromer service said that the item will be arrive by today. Reassurance as it is.

Call them back an hour later saying the item still not arrived, and the ask to call them again 15 minutes before 6 PM.

I did. But now the tone has changed. The Customer service start claiming that they already gave the item to their agent and they are committed to deliver the package today but they are unable to promise.

This is because they don't have UPS worker in Sabah thus they use Agent to do their job. And now they seem to look like they are unable to track wherever the hell the truck driver is currently at. That is so weird for a shipping company!!

It look like they just handed my RM3700++ Macbook to a stranger and ask the stranger to sent to me at his/her convenience. Now they said they cannot promise because that stranger are out of their control. They can't do anything about it. Just have to wait, perhaps maybe that stranger want to deliver that thing in the future!!!

What is wrong with you guys!!

Obviously I am exaggerating a bit.

But it look and sound like that. The custromer service told me that " We already give the package to our Agent and they supposed to sent today. But honestly they sometime delay in their delivery and we can't do anything about it. I will inform my superior about this case and he will call you before 10 AM tomorrow but we cannot promise that the item will arrive tomorrow because the agent is holding your item now"....

I am very disappointed with this. I believe Apple should be responsible for this. Why the hell did they choose this UPS to sent my Macbook.

Last time when I order Ipad 2, DHL send the item to me at 9.00 PM at night not at my delivery address but in a Restaurant where I am having my dinner with friends.

Now UPS just say that they cannot promise me anything. What kind of answer is that from a courrier company. Even PosLaju will give me better answer.

I am very disappointed. I am hoping that the item will arrive tomorrow and not another excuse from UPS regarding their delay.

p/s: UPS schedule delivery on 22 Dec, plus today they already 2 days late....

-update- 24/12/2014: Finally had a call from PosLaju. My item has arrived. Finally. I am so relieved. You know PosLaju did not sent my mac to my house instead they call me for pick up.


  1. I am deciding to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max from later. So now struggle whether want to deliver to my office address or my home address because since we know what currently Sabah has the severe cases numbers of COVID-19 infections. Also the CMCO was extended again to 9th Nov 2020 next month. I cannot guarantee how long did Apple ship out my item and need to how long did my item to arrive. So now I am worry about if I choose to deliver to my office address but CMCO get extend again later. Anyway, thanks for telling me that UPS agent is poslaju in Sabah here. Actually, I'm from KK here. I am living alone in my house without my family. That's why if I choose to deliver to home address, I will not at home if parcel not arrive after CMCO is getting over.


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