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A guide to Satay Sipitang

What does Sipitang famous for? Where is Sipitang? It has been 2 years plus working in Sipitang. I can see there is a few changes since the past 2 years. Before posted to work here, I never been to Sipitang. I know this place exist because my late grandfather use to be a police officer here. That is all that I know about this place. Before I was posted here, my mother went and visit Sipitang with my dad and they told me one thing special about Sipitang...Satay. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia are famous with this meat on stick bbq delicacies. Every region have their own variety of Satay. In Malaysia, the famous satay that everyone talk about is Satay Kajang. So when people went to Kajang, people will say "go eat Satay". Satay capital of Malaysia. But guess what, there are satay capital right here in Sabah. If you ever been to Sabah, there were no Satay places that you can visit which is so special. Almost all satay available in Kota Kinabalu are only average. You want a

Joe Flizzow Won AJL

When i first heard Havoc..well that was revolutionary. I love it and I hate it. There is some chemical going on in that song. Something that can make you hate it, or love it and a bit of both. Nevertheless, I've bought it. Bought it through iTunes a few weeks after it released, just for fun. It has been a long time since i've bought a local album. And it was because Joe Flizzow. I am a big fan of Too Phat so even though they are not together anymore, I still follow them and if I heard a new song either from Malique or Joe Flizzow, I would definitely listen to it. So, my first impression listening to this album is...its not bad. But it is sure not Too phat kind of song. Joe flizzow has his own lyrical and musical style and I like Malique style better. This is typical Joe Flizzow style of rapping. The album started fact almost all of the song is kind of a slow rap style. The intro was epic by the way. Then rhyme after rhyme about Malaysian hip hop scene and Joe Fli

Xbox 360 Slim Power Adapter : Console is the faulty one.

After a few attempt to fix my console xbox 360 slim by unplugging and replugging the cable, in the end i found out that this solution stated in most pages I've search in google does not work for me.  Perhaps I need a new power brick. Thats the suggestion from xbox support service.  Thus i bought a new power brick. Its a 3rd party one. Arrive after 3 days then I try it.... it does not work. I thought this is the cost that I would bear by buying a non original item. I have lost RM80 for that. I have to take another chance. I bought another power brick. RM160+. Stated it was original power brick. From microsoft.  Item arrived after 3 days. Full of excitement I connect the power adapter then.... nothing happen. My xbox still won't turn on. From that moment of time, I realized that I am in a deep trouble. Already spend RM200+ for the adapter testing part. Now I started to realise that my console is the cause for all of this.  Contact microsoft support and I was to

Xbox 360 Slim : Do I need new adapter?

Anyone have Xbox 360? Well I guess many Malaysian are in PS4 team. I do not. I am not sure why but when I look at Xbox 360 Slim few years ago, I fell in love with it. And guess what, I am still loving it. What I like the most is the controller. What I hate the most is the power brick. Xbox 360 slim sure is slim and sexy but the power adapter is bulky. It was not as bulky as the previous edition but it is still consider bulky for me. So, after a few years of usage, suddenly my xbox won't turn on. Look here and there, in the end I found out that my xbox power supply or PSU they called it, is not functioning anymore. It keep showing orange light indicator. After a few tricks and hack, I did not manage to fix it. I need a new adapter. Thus looking in the most popular online shopping site in Malaysia,, I found out a few option for my pus replacement. The price ranging from RM75- RM 149.99 . How come they have price range for this. What I understand from this

Big Flood in Malaysia : God Hand at work?

I may be insensitive about this issue but I won't hold my breath.. I heard that the big flood that happen in Malaysia recently is because of God's will. God want to show us something so that we should be praying more. Maybe we did not pray enough. It's a sign from God showing that we are only a puny little human and it is near to the end of the world. We should start praying now. I am no preacher. I am no religious teacher. However, I disagree about this idea. How can we have this kind of mentality? We are in the new millennium...14 years after the new millennium exactly. If God want to show us a sign, it is a sign that we are doing everything wrong with our drainage system, deforestation, and not preparing well enough for disaster. That is what we need to think about. How to prevent such tragedy to happen again. I believe you cannot just simply said that is God's will, and God want to that to show the sign of the end of the world. God couldn't be that cruel..

Religious extremist: Learn from History

Religious extremist. Nobody teach me that word in school. I learn it myself. I do not know the exact meaning to describe that group. The line and the boundary to define it is very vague. Sometimes, when we try to classify this group in our own opinion, we were called apostate. Thus, a lot of people keep this definition only for themselves. I believe this fuss about fighting each other in the name of religion started from the Crusades. Historically. Nobody win that war in the end even though some history book announce Muslims win it in the end. But where is the end to that? The term religious extremist started along with War in Afghanistan. From that moment, we started to draw a line to our religion. We started to realise that at some point we are not preaching for peace anymore instead we are giving birth to a generation where killing are like a normal daily routine for them. Some of us call America responsible for this. The oppressed people were giving a normal response to start

Who should or should not be called Doctor?

Its a never ending argument. Everyone would like to be call one. A doctor. A title one thought that can make you trustworthy. I am not sure whether the title give me special power or anything. I don't feel like it. Its a title to be use with cautious. Its a title of a certain responsibility. Doctor means 'to teach'. Why medical doctor was called doctor was because traditionally, someone who know medicine, will teach other medicine. It's a normal thing to do. Hippocrates also mention in his oath about teaching medicine to his student. So from that moment on, doctor is also a teacher. Calling someone a doctor is equal to call someone a teacher. However, after some times, the title became more famous among medical practitioner. Even though there are other field which also use doctor in their certificate. For example Justice Doctor, or those with PhD will automatically have doctor title infront of their name. Thus argument started. Everyone want to become a doctor now

Molly Fantasy @ 1borneo

Ever wonder where to bring your kids to have some fun time playing. If you are living in Kota Kinabalu Sabah then why not bring them to 1borneo hypermall. For parents, its a heaven for shopping. For kids, there is this one place for them to play around. It is call Molly Fantasy. Located at 1st floor one borneo this place offer a playground for young children. For just RM5 per entry they can spend around 15 minutes inside that playground. And if there is not much people around, they sometimes offer no limit play time. I have brought my child there and she is having so much fun. Plus, at that time, it was working days (not weekend) so there was not much kids inside that playground. So they let her play as long as her want. What is more fun looking at your 1 year old child playing in that pool of ball and running around with excitement in her face. They should build more place like this here in Kota Kinabalu. Instead of just opening more entertainment place for teenager and adult,

Krait in Sabah: A brief encounter with Bungarus fasciatus

My first encounter with this venomous snake. It was named Bungarus fasciatus or the common name of Krait.. I won't forget regarding this deadly encounter. Not deadly for me because not me that was bitten but an unfortunate boy in a district where I work  The effect was very rapid. In just a few seconds, that boy/patient of mine suddenly complain of numbness, then shortness of breath then stop breathing, turn blue and collapse. Luckily this happen before my eyes in a facility where I can immediately grab my laryngoscope and endotracheal tube and intubate the patient immediately. I wonder if he came just a bit later to Hospital. I do not wish to know what happen then.  One of the earliest person I ask regarding this snake is my dad. In a glance, he said that this is a very venomous snake. He said usually found near mangrove area.  Turn out to be he is right. Experience is better than just read knowledge. I never had any experience seeing this snake or any other snake