Big Flood in Malaysia : God Hand at work?

I may be insensitive about this issue but I won't hold my breath.. I heard that the big flood that happen in Malaysia recently is because of God's will. God want to show us something so that we should be praying more. Maybe we did not pray enough. It's a sign from God showing that we are only a puny little human and it is near to the end of the world. We should start praying now.

I am no preacher. I am no religious teacher. However, I disagree about this idea. How can we have this kind of mentality? We are in the new millennium...14 years after the new millennium exactly.

If God want to show us a sign, it is a sign that we are doing everything wrong with our drainage system, deforestation, and not preparing well enough for disaster. That is what we need to think about. How to prevent such tragedy to happen again.

I believe you cannot just simply said that is God's will, and God want to that to show the sign of the end of the world. God couldn't be that cruel.. Does God intentionally want a baby suffer from an illness and starring stuck in that flooding area? I don't believe so.

I believe we should look to ourselves before blaming God on this. We should learn from our mistakes. We must sit down and think on what we have done wrong and proceed for the prevention in  the future.

God is merciful. God want us to learn from this tragedy, not to mourn and given away with such statement. We should not stop learning and finding a better way to make thing better in the future.

God won't change our destiny  unless we do so.


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