Joe Flizzow Won AJL

When i first heard Havoc..well that was revolutionary. I love it and I hate it. There is some chemical going on in that song. Something that can make you hate it, or love it and a bit of both.

Nevertheless, I've bought it. Bought it through iTunes a few weeks after it released, just for fun. It has been a long time since i've bought a local album. And it was because Joe Flizzow. I am a big fan of Too Phat so even though they are not together anymore, I still follow them and if I heard a new song either from Malique or Joe Flizzow, I would definitely listen to it.

So, my first impression listening to this album is...its not bad. But it is sure not Too phat kind of song. Joe flizzow has his own lyrical and musical style and I like Malique style better. This is typical Joe Flizzow style of rapping.

The album started fact almost all of the song is kind of a slow rap style. The intro was epic by the way. Then rhyme after rhyme about Malaysian hip hop scene and Joe Flizzow talking about this and that.

Even the song Untukmu does not kick my brain to be attracted to this album. The song Kongsi was a is a classic, released way before this album was released. Kongsi is a good song but its old.

Not until I listen to the song "Aku tak Kenal Mu' then something kick my brain. There is a part of this song mentioning about malique. I have been waiting for Joe to talk about Malique for a very long time. There is something going on starting from this track.

Then came the track "Apa khabar'... that track sure is the most interesting track in the whole album.

Guess what, few months later. my wife told me that the song won AJL. The best song in Malaysia (something like that).

Well, when you listen to that song, as a Too Phat fan, I feel what Joe Flizzow want his audience to feel. To feel the memory when Too Phat is on the top of their success. Make me missed Too Phat more than before.

Why Malique and Joe flizzow did not make a new album together? I believe it was not right for Malique just to abandon their fan who bought their album since Whutadilly... Too Phat must be responsible as an adult entertainer to left the audience hanging just like this.

From inspiring...somehow later, people will hate Too Phat. Especially the fan who have been waiting for years to listen to their favourite Malaysian hip hop duo.

Perhaps, just one last show / tour of them together as Too Phat... I hope the time will come.


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