Molly Fantasy @ 1borneo

Ever wonder where to bring your kids to have some fun time playing. If you are living in Kota Kinabalu Sabah then why not bring them to 1borneo hypermall. For parents, its a heaven for shopping. For kids, there is this one place for them to play around. It is call Molly Fantasy.

Located at 1st floor one borneo this place offer a playground for young children. For just RM5 per entry they can spend around 15 minutes inside that playground. And if there is not much people around, they sometimes offer no limit play time.

I have brought my child there and she is having so much fun. Plus, at that time, it was working days (not weekend) so there was not much kids inside that playground. So they let her play as long as her want.

What is more fun looking at your 1 year old child playing in that pool of ball and running around with excitement in her face.

They should build more place like this here in Kota Kinabalu. Instead of just opening more entertainment place for teenager and adult, you can open places like this and get more money out of it. As you know, parents won't hesitate to pay money to make their child happy. Haha.

Even they charge RM50, sometimes, we as a parent will still pay for that. Smile in your child face is priceless.

Anyway, going to move to Kota Kinabalu in a few months. My child then can go there often.hehe.


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