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Religious extremist: Learn from History

Religious extremist. Nobody teach me that word in school. I learn it myself. I do not know the exact meaning to describe that group. The line and the boundary to define it is very vague. Sometimes, when we try to classify this group in our own opinion, we were called apostate. Thus, a lot of people keep this definition only for themselves.

I believe this fuss about fighting each other in the name of religion started from the Crusades. Historically. Nobody win that war in the end even though some history book announce Muslims win it in the end. But where is the end to that?

The term religious extremist started along with War in Afghanistan. From that moment, we started to draw a line to our religion. We started to realise that at some point we are not preaching for peace anymore instead we are giving birth to a generation where killing are like a normal daily routine for them.

Some of us call America responsible for this. The oppressed people were giving a normal response to start a war and kill other human being. Because they were oppressed. Some might think America does not have anything to do with this. There is a group that preach war in their prayer and this group were called Religious extremist.

Day after day, we can see more and more evidence put up in the net, social media, mass media, almost everywhere about this group. The scariest thing is, some people still do not know the line between religious and religious extremist exist. Thus when Charlie Hebdo tragedy happen, Muslim around the world have to take responsibility for it.

Now, the worse enemy is ourselves. As a muslim, I do not agree for people to kill anyone, guilty or not guilty. It is for Allah to give them punishment and not us, the human. I never will support any group who propose war.

I once said that Hamas and Al-Qasseem who fight in Palestine are not War Hero and there will never be as long as they keep trying to kill something. I am no supporter for ISIS who claimed they are the one who can save Islam as long as someone is dead because of them no matter themselves or their enemy.

I support Peace.

To my surprised, I am almost alone in this thinking. Scrolling through my Facebook pages, only non-muslim friends transparently condemned religious extremist, and some of my Muslim friend cautiously condemned it, while many other kind of support the extremist.

For me, to know who is right and who is wrong is not by going to Africa to learn religion or went to middle east to get a degree on religion (obviously those who has degree on it I assume do not support extremist also..i assumed..maybe), but to learn back from History.

We did not teach our generation enough on history. Have you ever taught in your school about the collapsing empire of the turk, the political war between Caliphate, and how muslim raging war with muslim in the Holy city of Mecca after our Prophet Muhammad death? No. We were told mainly on how great we are, once, in the shaping the civilisation of the world today. We were not told about the ugly side of Islam. Did anybody ever told you that Prophet Muhammad, the four Caliphate, use real democracy in their administration but the Turky Uthmaniah empire start to use the term Sultan. A lower that can be inherited to the son of the leader. The time when we did not preach democracy anymore. And in the end, the empire collapsed.

We were told that the Turk Uthmanyah is the greatest empire of Islam ever. Yes, they conquer a lot of territories and spread Islam everywhere. But that is the people living at that era contribution. Not the empire itself.

You can read this in History book.

By educating young generation about our past mistakes, perhaps we can learn more to make sure the next generation did not make the same mistake and to live moderately instead of extremistly.

How our great empire once collapsed because of people on that time were going away from what Islam teach, we can collapsed once more today. By supporting those extremist who greed for power, vision for a state where everyone think like them, might cost us again, a collapsing empire. Collapsing empire is still acceptable, but a collapsing religion would be dangerous.

Do not throw a stone to your neighbour if you are living in a glass house...It is better for us to fix ourselves,  educate ourselves and support peace, no matter which religion you are, as long as you do good, did not disturb other, did not preach hatred, did not wanting to kill anything at all, you will be fine. You perhaps will not go to hell. Who knows?... Only Allah knew.


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