Xbox 360 Slim : Do I need new adapter?

Anyone have Xbox 360?

Well I guess many Malaysian are in PS4 team. I do not. I am not sure why but when I look at Xbox 360 Slim few years ago, I fell in love with it. And guess what, I am still loving it.

What I like the most is the controller.

What I hate the most is the power brick. Xbox 360 slim sure is slim and sexy but the power adapter is bulky. It was not as bulky as the previous edition but it is still consider bulky for me.

So, after a few years of usage, suddenly my xbox won't turn on. Look here and there, in the end I found out that my xbox power supply or PSU they called it, is not functioning anymore. It keep showing orange light indicator.

After a few tricks and hack, I did not manage to fix it. I need a new adapter.

Thus looking in the most popular online shopping site in Malaysia,, I found out a few option for my pus replacement. The price ranging from RM75- RM 149.99 . How come they have price range for this.

What I understand from this is, the cheaper the item, it must be the least original. A 3rd party one.

Who cares?

I bought the cheap one at RM75. Arrive to me in a few days then I plug it in..poof, nothing happen, red light indicator!

This is the price I need to pay for becoming so cheap.

Now, I have to request for replacement, it could take up a few more days to settle. I need an original one but I do not know how original the item can be. What if I was cheated?

Anyone out there know how to get an original and guaranteed functioning xbox 360 slim psu?

I really want to use my xbox 360 now.


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