Xbox 360 Slim Power Adapter : Console is the faulty one.

After a few attempt to fix my console xbox 360 slim by unplugging and replugging the cable, in the end i found out that this solution stated in most pages I've search in google does not work for me. 

Perhaps I need a new power brick. Thats the suggestion from xbox support service. 

Thus i bought a new power brick. Its a 3rd party one. Arrive after 3 days then I try it.... it does not work. I thought this is the cost that I would bear by buying a non original item. I have lost RM80 for that.

I have to take another chance. I bought another power brick. RM160+. Stated it was original power brick. From microsoft. 

Item arrived after 3 days. Full of excitement I connect the power adapter then.... nothing happen. My xbox still won't turn on. From that moment of time, I realized that I am in a deep trouble. Already spend RM200+ for the adapter testing part. Now I started to realise that my console is the cause for all of this. 

Contact microsoft support and I was told that my console need to be serviced. However, when I ask where to sent it for service, they only gave me a direct telephone number to be called. And that number is likely a non Malaysia number. The number is so weird and when i google it, it came from Bermuda or something I don't know. Its not this southeast region number. 

So, disappointed..I found this seller in Lelong selling xbox 360 E console around RM600. Original without any accessories. Well I already have all the accessories so I need a console replacement. 

In the end, I bought that console. 

Now I left with a broken console, and 3 still functioning power adapter. 

I don't know what to do with them. 

Perhaps someone need a new power brick for their xbox, I can sell them mine half price. 

Just contact me if you want. 


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