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Putatan Platinum Apartment: Rules to create Fear..and drain money.

The many rules of living in an apartment. So do you own an apartment when you bought it? That would depends on how you bought it. Cash or loan. Perhaps people would think Malaysian are damn rich that everyone could buy an apartment cash..well, majority of the citizen do not. The first thing the house was own by bank. You are merely paying bank monthly hoping that someday you will get to own your own house. Banks are not saviour for citizen but more like a loan shark. I wonder what is the difference between these two? Well, the only difference is one may cut your hand in the end. To think more about it, both could get your hand cut in the end. So I bought an apartment which priced RM170K+ and the bank gave me a loan that I need to pay for 40 years which sum up to RM300K once I've completed paying it. Where the hell another RM150k+ come? That's interest. Islamic interest as I am taking loan base on Islamic term. So Muslim took interest now, they just call it with a differen

My Birthday Secret: Secret Recipe At Her Best

So it’s my birthday. I am turning 29 this year. As a tradition since I’ve met my wife, we need to get a wonderful dinner at some fine restaurant. This year, my birthday also happen to be the date for my house moving to a new place. A bit tired but we need to keep the tradition going.  Secret Recipe is the easiest choice for us. We plan to go to The Glass in Suria Sabah but, meh, to far. Secret Recipe is much accesible. Plus it was Family friendly. The Glass seems not so Family Friendly as their floor is cover with carpet. For someone who has an active 1 years plus child, that was not a good idea after all. The carpet will be ruined by leftover food by my daughter.  We visit Secret Recipe quite a few times since our student time. Not much changes, we just had to eat something for my birthday. We chose Warisan Square Secret Recipe as Centre point Secret Recipe is a bit small.  As usual, I will order my favourite in Secret Recipe, the Aussie Beef Stew Steak. My wife with her Mozare

Accreditation By MSQH: Hospital Sipitang Experience.

Towards my end period working in Hospital Sipitang, I had a chance to experience the accreditation survey by MSQH (Malaysian Society for Quality in Health). Accreditation in general from my understanding is a process to ensure that an institution  comply to the latest standards which determined whether the institution is safe. This means that we do not just simply run a hospital, we are running it by high standards set by MSQH. It was a brainchild of Ministry of Health, Malaysian Medical Association, and Association of Private Hospital Malaysia. Thus, we do not just simply do our job based on what we want to do, but we do it because someone ask us and monitor whatever we were doing. If you happen to visit a hospital, you can check whether that hospital is accredited or not. If it is, then you can rest assure that the hospital has been following the standard given by MSQH. I was appointed to become a vice chairperson in my hospital accreditation committee and was given the honour to

Weston Wetland Park : Monkey and Firefly

Just recently I have found a must place to visit near Sipitang after more than 2 years working in Sipitang. It was called Weston Wetland Park. It is situated around 10-20 km from Sipitang town and was actually in Beaufort district rather than Sipitang. You can drive for 10-15 minutes to arrive to this place. Use car. I do not know if there is a bus service here. Or get a taxi. If you are indeed driving, you can just drive toward Sipitang town and when you saw a sign board stating "Weston Lubok" junction, take that road. Drive forward until the end of the road. You will reach this place at the end of the road. Ask around, people here are friendly, they might be your navigator for free.  Here, you can find a small floating restaurant. In fact, there is a lot of them. One particular restaurant I highlighted here is call Weston Wetland Park. Here, you can have your tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Weston river and the surrounding wetland area. Please come here