Weston Wetland Park : Monkey and Firefly

Just recently I have found a must place to visit near Sipitang after more than 2 years working in Sipitang. It was called Weston Wetland Park. It is situated around 10-20 km from Sipitang town and was actually in Beaufort district rather than Sipitang. You can drive for 10-15 minutes to arrive to this place.

Use car. I do not know if there is a bus service here. Or get a taxi. If you are indeed driving, you can just drive toward Sipitang town and when you saw a sign board stating "Weston Lubok" junction, take that road. Drive forward until the end of the road. You will reach this place at the end of the road. Ask around, people here are friendly, they might be your navigator for free. 

Here, you can find a small floating restaurant. In fact, there is a lot of them. One particular restaurant I highlighted here is call Weston Wetland Park. Here, you can have your tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Weston river and the surrounding wetland area. Please come here at around 4-5 pm because that is the only time for most of the activity here. 

I arrived in this place with my work colleagues. We all were celebrating our final day of accreditation survey by MSQH. I will talk more about that in the other post. 

So we arrived at 4.45 pm. We booked early so we were greeted with a decent tea and coffee accompany with some traditional cakes and crackers. After a few chit chat among us, we hop on to the boat provided and cruise along the river looking for Proboscis Monkey. We were not disappointed. There were a lot of them here. Other than that, we also found alligator, normal monkey i guess, and we also had a small tour viewing all the other villages that is located along the riverbank. 

We were back at 6 pm and then we were served dinner by the restaurant consisting of Freshwater Clam curry, Freshwater Prawn chillies, sweet sour fish and 2 kind of vegetables. All the food ingredients are local ingredients. 

After dinner, at around 7 pm, we hop again on to the provided boat and our guide bring us to view the magical scenery of Kelip-Kelip or firefly. All the three near the riverbank look like a christmas tree at night because of the firefly. Too bad, it can't be captured by our camera. You need a good camera that can shot in the dark to capture this magical scenery. 

We were back to the restaurant 30 minutes later and depart from there soon after that but I will never forget the experienced I had. 

To be honest, I never saw a Proboscis monkey or firefly before. 

How much do you need for all of this? RM60 per person. Including tea and dinner. You can opted for a single services if you want to. I recommend using the package because you won't regret it. 

To be safe, better book this package earlier. You can use travel agency but if you want to deal with the owner yourself, there is also phone number provided to contact them. You can email me if you wish to know the contact number for this place. 

This is a must go place if you happen to be in Sabah.

A view from the restaurant..Weston Wetland.

Us. The group that give to the fullest of their time and energy for accreditation process by MSQH.

The view from the back of the boat.

These are the regular monkey. Unfortunately my phone camera don't have enough zooming capability to capture Proboscis monkey. Be sure to bring binocular if you want to see one up close. They always hanging high up on tree. 

The first boat tour until the sunset. The second one start at night when it is dark. 

The buffet of prawn and fish. 


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