A New Journey Begin: Pathology Department

I've been transferred to Pathology Department HQE upon my request. The reason.. I love Microbiology then why not give a shot into Pathology Department, from here I hope that I can find my way through to the field that I like.

Life is a bit different now. Living in apartment, stuck in traffic jam everyday when going to work and when getting back home from work. I am still in adjustment period. Otherwise, work now 8am-5pm. Not like in district hospital... working like almost 24 hours, more than that.

Every workplace has their own stress. In Sipitang, I am stress that I am working like every hours every day. Here in my new place, I am stress with the workload, the work field that is so different from what I have been trained before. No more clinical, now I am working behind the scene.

Sometime, I still remember Sipitang.. I will never forget that place, nothing much to complain about that hospital. I believe (now) what is the meaning of accredited hospital. Working there put myself in less danger compare to my new place now. In my new place, I am exposed to chemical hazard, infectious hazard, playing with sharp knife that can cause me having work related injury.. I hope I won't get any of this. Sigh, running away from Sipitang thinking that air in Sipitang is contaminated with industrial pollution, put myself in a place where I inhaled carcinogenic chemical everyday. What an irony.

Will begin new journey.....


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