Family or Money: An opinion.

Which one is more important? Family or Money. 

Some random colleague ask me this question at work. Perhaps 10 years ago, it would be so easy to answer such question. Today, it was one of the question that would produce a lot of controversial answers. Everyone will have their own opinion on this matter. 

A family is an important thing because without your family, your child, your wife, life would be meaningless. This is the driven force for you to wake up everyday and work hard to improve yourself. Watching them happy will make you happy. They are the one who will be with you no matter you are up or you are down below. Some even say that your family can be the one who will accompany you there in the afterlife. You have a lot of sin, in hell you will be with them, you a a good person then you will be in heaven with them. A smile on my daughter's face is enough heaven for me. 

Since thousand years ago, money have been labelled as evil. You want to portrait somebody who are evil, portrait them holding a bunch of money, they will look evil somehow. No matter how good a person are, a picture of them with lots of money will give a perspective that they are bad. Money should not be chosen over family. 

It is as easy as that.... years ago. World has change. How human behaviour change with time ( before and after internet for example), money also has change how we think nowadays. Money breaks family. Yes. But how does money breaks a family? By having no money... some says by having too much money also produce the same outcome. It will be very hard for you to maintain a good family system by just saying that you will without money in your hand. A wife, a child, need something to eat, and in this era of global economy, you can't find vegetables or fish on your house lawn or at the back of your kitchen. Furthermore if you are living in an apartment. You basically need to buy everything to feed your family. 

Now the question family or money will make you answer in between. A balance between money and family would do best for most people. No matter how important money is, your family should not be second. And no matter how much you care of your family, money should always be there for their needs. 

Life is not what we are thought in children storybook when we were child. 

(However the storybook is necessary....if you know life would be like this...what's the fun of it then?)


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