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GST: A tax that is good for Rakyat?

So it is almost 2 weeks after GST was implemented in Malaysia. What is its effect? Everyone has their own hypothesis on what will happen after 1st April when the GST started. After 2 weeks, what I, as a citizen, saw about it?

Well, the price of everything went up. No matter how many people were order to convince that GST will not cause price increase, it still went up. It is just logic. Example, prepaid reload card that make everyone loses their mind. Before this it was taxed 6% and after that the tax was abolished and replace with 6% GST. Normal low IQ people will think that price will not change. We do not have lower IQ in Malaysia, we are clever. Price goes up 6%. Why? Go figure it out. 

Eating out in restaurant? Price went high sky rocket. Yes, some restaurant does not charged GST. Normal low IQ people will think no GST means no price increase. As I said, we are clever in Malaysia. Price goes up more than 6%. Go figure it out. A normal traditional cake or kueh for example, before this price at RM1.50 for three pieces (which is already quite expensive) now goes to RM2. 

Thus, no matter how much Government want to convince that GST will not cause any burden to the was proven wrong..again..and again. 

Tax is a tax. No one ever learn that tax will not cause a burden. No school has taught that before (but now probably there is as a campaign to support it). A normal citizen would understand that tax is needed to support the economy of a country. In a situation where Malaysia is so much full with debt, thus implementing GST could be a clever move. Perhaps, with the implementation of GST, more road can be build, more facilities can be provided,  economy will be nourished and we can live in a modern country like Japan, or USA, or Korea or maybe increase the salary of those MPs.....what?

Yes, after 2 weeks with GST, the benefit of it are seen not to the eye of citizen but to those MPs. Their salary went up more than 50%. 

As a citizen, my mouth hang open, the struggle for me everyday to pay tax (GST, income tax), to suffer the price increase on everything...every hard work I did everyday to support my family life, feel like wasted. I am paying money to let MPs salary goes up and for them to enjoy their life more than what they have enjoyed today. 

I am no supporter of violence, street demonstrator, and chaos. Thus, most likely I can't do anything about it. What I can do is just to share the injustice in a blog post like this. Maybe somehow, Government of Malaysia would somehow go back to what a Government do... protecting citizens and to less the burden of citizens and to bring justice. 

With situation like this, perhaps we will need a superhero, Superman, or Batman, or Cicakman to protect the citizen, bring lesser burden and to bring in comic. Life in Comic is way better than comical life like what we all are living right now. 


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