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Rohingya: It's Complicated 2

I have written a few key point on Rohingya issue. Rohingya: It's Complicated. The key issues that I mention are real and it was written on the perspective of layman like me and most likely majority of everyone else. However, It was not the only perspective that I have regarding that issues.  If you all look at how Europe handling their human migrant crisis from the horn of Africa, their ways of handling such issue are totally different compare to how we handle the issues.  Firstly, instead of rejecting those people running form their country due to on going crisis, they set up a program on how to rescue them from getting drown at the sea or kidnapped by human smugglers. What they focus on is to make sure no life is endangered no matter where you came from. Millions of money was spent to provide a better equipment to find and rescue those immigrant fleeing their country.  Secondly, they have accepted this refugee with their policies on war and political asylum. M

Caffe' Vergnano 1882 @ Imago Kota Kinabalu

Have you ever tasted a good coffee in your life? Don't say yes if your best coffee was in either Starbuck or Coffee Beans. I mean a real good one, does not matter its a street coffee, a cheap one or a super expensive one. Just a plain good coffee. Perhaps, you would like to try this place. It was called Caffe' Vergnano 1882. It was open recently in Imago Kota Kinabalu just beside Everrise at basement floor. I was attracted to go to that place because it has a playground in front of it for little children to play. So why not? Sit back and relax, sip of coffee, while your child playing inside that playground. This place one of the best coffee I ever had in my life. I can't describe it, but you will know when you try it. This place does not look like a place where you can get the best coffee. If you starbuck logo you would think they have the best coffee right? Wrong.  Just a few table and a family friendly enviroment for you to relax. As for now, not that

Rohingya: Its Complicated.

I don't think the issue of stranded Rohingya is that simple like what a few of my friend shared post in social media. When I read those post, I feel like those Rohingya are just a fellow unfortunate muslim brother and sister and need to be help. It is very unethical for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand to refuse to accept this poor group of people. I take a step back and start looking at this issue not from a close up picture but from a far so I can see the other issue that need to be thought about before we simply said that they are muslim, we are muslim, they should build house beside ours. First of all, which country left them stranded at the sea? Do they just lost there in the middle of the ocean or just suddenly appear from nothing. Myanmar... this country is the root cause for everything. Not our country and its neighbours. Myanmar has been denying the human right for this group and now keep quiet and give us all the attitude of ' you really want to help them, nah, go an

Why No Nursery in Hospital Queen Elizabeth KK?

This post title was a question thrown to me by my assistant in Clinic. Well, she has a point there. Queen Elizabeth Hospital or QEH is the biggest hospital here in the whole Sabah. I am pretty sure there are more than a thousand people working here. Most of them, have children. The question started to pop out after realising that UTC, just a few hundred meter away from this hospital have their own nursery for their staff. This question might be raised from a jealousy towards UTC. I have to admit that nursery is kind of important now. Even for me, one that considered myself 'just don't give a ---- ' type of person, I do give a ---- about having nursery near work place. At this time went all price of goods going up and salary always stagnant for quite sometime, hiring a person to nurse your children at home would not be a good idea after all. Nursery would be a cheaper choice, a few hundred ringgit cheaper. I am not being a cheapskate, but my family do have to eat ric

Kurtos Spiroll: Imago KK Must Try Snack

I found this place in Imago KK located at the basement floor. At first glance, I do not know what are they selling. Is it bread? Or spring roll? Or a souvenir? Me and my wife had to approach their counter to look for what are they are all about.  Basically, this stall is selling a type of bread which is covered by a different type of flavour that you choose. The bread however, does not look like a bread, it was more like a cup or a glass. A hollow type of bread. Then they burn it in their oven to make the outer wall of the bread crisp and a bit burn in flavour.  Then they roll it on a tray of your chosen flavour. That is why they call it spiroll? Maybe..that is my thought. Didn't bother to ask them.  The important thing is that the bread or bun or no ordinary bun you can bought in other bakery. It have this taste like a paratha or something like that. Perhaps that is because they toast / burn the outer layer of the bread first. It does not taste lik

Enjoying Pathology Is It?

Why did I chose Pathology department to work other than other department. My attitude is more on the clinical side. Perhaps nobody know about it but I really like medicine. I enjoyed diagnosing a disease. When I choose Pathology, most of my friends thought that I want to run away from the busy life of being a clinician. Pathology is a hot seats here in Sabah state. Everyone applying for pathology even after finishing housemenship which I don't think is right because you need to go out and get some experience first before entering this field. Most of the people who apply for a medical officer position in Pathology are doing it for the sake that they can relax and chill out in this department.. I don't think we are chilling out here in this department. Now I am still junior in training here in this department, so as my two other colleagues. Three of us in Histopathology unit and we have to gross ( cutting all the specimen you all sent) almost everyday. They were only 2 table

Doctors! Have we lost our common sense?

I am no senior doctor to brag about anything. However I cannot avoid to realise that most of the doctors junior than me have lost their common sense. Hippocrates once said that medicine is an art with experience and common sense (not quoting the exact words but that's how he used to say if I am not mistaken). Thus common sense is so important in practicing medicine. Nowadays, those with a title of specialist will brag about their knowledge, and do this and do that. Everything is possible. A doctor with a title of medical officer will brag on how now he is already a medical officer. Power is now in his or her hand. Thus everything is about telling his house officer to do this and do that. A doctor with a title of house officer is the one who always told to do something. All he or she did was the thing that was told by those two person mentioned earlier. The only one who has common sense now is the medical student. A fresh young eager mind. Not polluted or abuse by anyone else

Sabahan cannot protect ourselves?

I am very disappointed reading through news today. As know by all Malaysian today, a trending topic in the internet is all about Malaysia's biggest political crisis ever - the 1MDB and current Prime Minister DS Najib. I will not be shouting loud as other people do asking DS Najib to step down. In my opinion he will need to step down if majority want him to do so. Whether majority of people want him to step down or not is beyond the scope of this post. What make me disappointed in reading the news today was when I read about a few Sabah's MP giving their support to Prime Minister. Giving support was not the problem. It's up to anyone to pick a side. When you are in a versus mode, you can't be in the middle ground, you have to pick side. You will have your reason why. What actually bothers me was when those few MPs were saying that without DS Najib, Sabah would not be able to tackle the illegal immigrant issue and we all should praise DS Najib for doing so. Yes, we

Does House Officer Did Not Care About Patient?

Here and there, Medical officer, specialist and consultant are bashing house officer to be the most useless person in the system. Not just them, even nurse, Ward Sister, Matron all are looking at house officer with a face. Judging them to be worthless and perhaps they all should just be kicked out of the system. When I read through my friends facebook post, most of them are talking about how dumb their house officer are. Same like my friends who are working as teacher telling how dumb their pupils are. I still remember a specialist once said to us when I was a house officer, some of my friend just voicing out their opinion that they are also human being  that deserved some degree of respect and the specialist simply said in front of all the department staff that there is nothing to be respected if you are house officer. You shall have no respect. Yes, we were treated harshly when we were house officer. There is no such thing as good day for house officer. A good day is when you h

Price Hike: A reality Not A Fiction

Did anyone other than me realise that all price of goods are hiking?! I do not want to believe this but this is real. It's happening. All over Malaysia, or maybe just my city? I want to believe it's all over Malaysia. Eating out now seems to be not an option but a luxury when you have money. Not eating out in a fancy restaurant, eating out even on fast food restaurant. Even on a regular common people restaurant. For example, just now I went to Peppermint restaurant. A restaurant I usually visit when I want to taste vietnamese style chicken rice. When I was in Med school, a plate of that chicken rice was RM4.50. After that when I started working, the price went up to RM5.50. Now a plate of the same chicken rice cost me RM7. Now the rice is lesser in portion and the chicken, I guess, 20% reduced in amount. That price was not including GST. A McDonald double cheese burger usually cost RM9-Rm10 per set now went up to RM12-RM13, not including GST. Okay, let's not talk

I Should.

I have a headache watching to my account tab every month. With all the increasing electricity tariff and water tariff, increasing internet bill due to GST, increase telephone bill due to GST, car loan, house loan and education loan.... my clean total income per month not reaching RM2000. With breakfast and lunch money in canteen with GST and hike in food price, I spend almost RM1000 per only for that. Left a few hundreds Ringgit to buy household, kid's milk, cloth, and all the emergency fund that need to be prepared... Going through a month is not easy nowadays. I am a medical officer working in Government Hospital.... What about those who have salary not more than 2000 a month? Their life would be harder. I can only afford to drive Proton Persona and perhaps them? Even cannot afford to buy a car. How hard my life is now, their life must be harder. We are suffering hardship more than what we have felt during 1997 global economy disaster. However, as I drive my not yet ser

Natto : I Did Not Acquire That Taste Yet

So today, I went to Imago KK again. I love visiting Everrise supermarket inside that mall. So many imported goods that I can find and try out. As for today, I manage to grab a few premium cut sirloin strip, a sheep case hot and spicy sausage and Natto. All random things that I want to try. So the first thing that I try is the Natto. A japanese fermented beans that supposed to be healthy and a staple for Japanese cuisine. I have been warned that this Natto is an acquired taste or something like that. I may not like it the first time but maybe I will later in the future. It could be like Miso. The first time I tried Miso Soup, I found it taste just like a wet unwashed towel. I never thought that I will like it later. After a few times trying that stuff, I now love it. It is a must soup when I visit a Japanese restaurant. I use some guidelines in Google on how to prepare Natto. It's pretty simple. It was package in a small polystyrene container. Inside, there is something oily a

Astro remote: To sync your Astro Remote to your television.

I have written a blog explaining how to fix your astro remote when it c an't control volume of your astro anymore. Writing that Post I have found a way to sync your astro remote to your TV. You can google it. There is a step to do that. But now there is a more easy way to do that. I believe everyone is using Astro beyond nowadays. So if you do, the way to do it to press @ button on your remote. Can you find the @ button? I have circle that button on the above picture. Just press that and a screen will appear on your TV showing instruction on how to do everything. Easy now. Huhu. 

Freedom of Speech In Malaysia: Opinion

A freedom can only be achieved with a great speech. It has been proved since the beginning of our civilised humanity. You can claimed that you have achieved freedom with guns, however history has proven, this was wrong. Everywhere in the world, a country can only be a reality with a great speech from a great leader. A great leader comes only once in a while, sometime can be once in a very long time. To project a great speech, ironically, you need a freedom. This is what making everything become all complicated in the first place. You can have your great speech, but without freedom you can't say it out loud in public for people to hear. Without this great speech, you will not get freedom, it's a perfect or should I just say 'imperfect' cycle. World media is trying to prove that there is no freedom of speech in Malaysia. I think this is totally wrong. We have an equally freedom of speech to compare with other democratic country. We can say whatever we want, to criticis