I Should.

I have a headache watching to my account tab every month. With all the increasing electricity tariff and water tariff, increasing internet bill due to GST, increase telephone bill due to GST, car loan, house loan and education loan.... my clean total income per month not reaching RM2000.

With breakfast and lunch money in canteen with GST and hike in food price, I spend almost RM1000 per only for that. Left a few hundreds Ringgit to buy household, kid's milk, cloth, and all the emergency fund that need to be prepared... Going through a month is not easy nowadays.

I am a medical officer working in Government Hospital....

What about those who have salary not more than 2000 a month? Their life would be harder. I can only afford to drive Proton Persona and perhaps them? Even cannot afford to buy a car. How hard my life is now, their life must be harder.

We are suffering hardship more than what we have felt during 1997 global economy disaster.

However, as I drive my not yet serviced Proton Persona with air conditioner break down and I have not yet have enough money to fix it, I can see BMW car that cost almost Rm300 000, Mercedez, Prado, even those fancy sports car. I wonder, there are still so many people that can afford a luxury lifestyle while others suffered. How can they afford to be that damn rich?

Maybe I chosed a wrong profession ( a doctor)? Maybe I should my friend scamming people with pyramid scheme? Maybe I should become a politician  (they have their more than 60% salary hike)? Maybe I should just be born to a rich man after all?

Yes. Maybe they are damn rich because they were born that way. Never felt and taste hardship to earn a living. Maybe...or maybe they are just damn successful and most of us are losers after all.

No matter what, I should just continue to be hardworking and get the Halal income to feed my family. Perhaps, one day everything will become better. If its not better, maybe it would be a little better than today. I should enjoy whatever i experienced today, because in the future, when I am driving those BMW or Mercedez car, I can recollect this memory so that later I will not be greedy and forget where I started it all.....


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