Kurtos Spiroll: Imago KK Must Try Snack

I found this place in Imago KK located at the basement floor. At first glance, I do not know what are they selling. Is it bread? Or spring roll? Or a souvenir? Me and my wife had to approach their counter to look for what are they are all about. 

Basically, this stall is selling a type of bread which is covered by a different type of flavour that you choose. The bread however, does not look like a bread, it was more like a cup or a glass. A hollow type of bread. Then they burn it in their oven to make the outer wall of the bread crisp and a bit burn in flavour. 

Then they roll it on a tray of your chosen flavour. That is why they call it spiroll? Maybe..that is my thought. Didn't bother to ask them. 

The important thing is that the bread or bun or roll...is no ordinary bun you can bought in other bakery. It have this taste like a paratha or something like that. Perhaps that is because they toast / burn the outer layer of the bread first. It does not taste like a normal bun. Its delicious. 

I am no fan of bread or bun, but this one is an exception. Everytime I went to Imago, I would have chosen this stall for a snack. The price is a bit...urgh..quite expensive (average of RM6) per piece but a piece is enough even for two. 

Go and try it. You won't be disappointed. 

I was not paid to do this kind of ad. I did it for the sake of sharing, a nice thing will always be nicer if you share with someone. 


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