Natto : I Did Not Acquire That Taste Yet

So today, I went to Imago KK again. I love visiting Everrise supermarket inside that mall. So many imported goods that I can find and try out. As for today, I manage to grab a few premium cut sirloin strip, a sheep case hot and spicy sausage and Natto. All random things that I want to try.

So the first thing that I try is the Natto. A japanese fermented beans that supposed to be healthy and a staple for Japanese cuisine. I have been warned that this Natto is an acquired taste or something like that. I may not like it the first time but maybe I will later in the future.

It could be like Miso. The first time I tried Miso Soup, I found it taste just like a wet unwashed towel. I never thought that I will like it later. After a few times trying that stuff, I now love it. It is a must soup when I visit a Japanese restaurant.

I use some guidelines in Google on how to prepare Natto. It's pretty simple. It was package in a small polystyrene container. Inside, there is something oily additional ingredients, just like instant noodle and a small package of something that look like mustard. I just mix those two and stir it well.

Ate it with a hot rice...and.... I had enough after the second bite. It taste like.... bad food.. I had this fried rice where the cooks use too old rice and it became sticky. It has the similar taste.

As a conclusion.. I don't like it very much. I don't think I will try it again. Those in the internet say that I need to eat it a few times to get the taste right. I am not convinced to eat it again.

Maybe someone would want to convince me and to give me a few tips to be able to accept this Natto?

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For now. I will keep my second package of Natto inside my refrigerator until someone tell me something that can move me to eat that food again.


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