Price Hike: A reality Not A Fiction

Did anyone other than me realise that all price of goods are hiking?!

I do not want to believe this but this is real. It's happening. All over Malaysia, or maybe just my city? I want to believe it's all over Malaysia.

Eating out now seems to be not an option but a luxury when you have money. Not eating out in a fancy restaurant, eating out even on fast food restaurant. Even on a regular common people restaurant.

For example, just now I went to Peppermint restaurant. A restaurant I usually visit when I want to taste vietnamese style chicken rice. When I was in Med school, a plate of that chicken rice was RM4.50. After that when I started working, the price went up to RM5.50. Now a plate of the same chicken rice cost me RM7. Now the rice is lesser in portion and the chicken, I guess, 20% reduced in amount. That price was not including GST.

A McDonald double cheese burger usually cost RM9-Rm10 per set now went up to RM12-RM13, not including GST.

Okay, let's not talk about those 'fancy' thing. Just look at common household. A soy sauce that I used to buy cost RM4.50 now went up to RM6. Maggi instant noodle usually cost RM4.00+ now went up to RM5+. Not including GST some more.

The list goes on and on and on.....

Where is the promise by those top politician saying that Gov will always help us citizen by enforcing a strict law to make sure nobody increase price of goods after GST. Do we all still remember how we all were answered by the common answers saying that GST will bring price down not up. Do the math. Now we already do the math and the math tell us different thing. Numbers don't lie, politician do.

Somehow, life goes on. We were all 'happy' living in this 'harmony' country. 'No other country' is better than us.


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