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Rohingya: It's Complicated 2

I have written a few key point on Rohingya issue.

The key issues that I mention are real and it was written on the perspective of layman like me and most likely majority of everyone else. However, It was not the only perspective that I have regarding that issues. 

If you all look at how Europe handling their human migrant crisis from the horn of Africa, their ways of handling such issue are totally different compare to how we handle the issues. 

Firstly, instead of rejecting those people running form their country due to on going crisis, they set up a program on how to rescue them from getting drown at the sea or kidnapped by human smugglers. What they focus on is to make sure no life is endangered no matter where you came from. Millions of money was spent to provide a better equipment to find and rescue those immigrant fleeing their country. 

Secondly, they have accepted this refugee with their policies on war and political asylum. Money have been spent to provide them with the necessities such as food, water, place to stay, school, and giving them program to train them on how to become a citizen. Instead of getting into poverty, uneducated, then turn criminal, these people were trained to make sure they contribute to the society. 

Thirdly, policies have been made to support those countries where the migrant came from. By supporting those countries financially, they will be able to provide better life for their citizen, job opportunities and later will reduce the numbers of people fleeing to Europe. Solving the root cause will eventually solve the whole problem. 

Lastly, they handle human smugglers seriously. Using military latest technology, they not just targeting those boats full of immigrants but also to track down those human smugglers. Erasing those smugglers will provide a better safe way for those immigrants to arrive in Europe and reducing the number of death and torture done by those smugglers. 

The way they handle the issues is way humane than how we handle the issues. However, this decision and policies was made by those higher ranking officials in their government and United Nation. Nevertheless, European themselves seems not to agree with how their government handing this problem. 

Quoting a twitter respond that I found: "By 2030, all european countries will be dominated by those immigrants, we will turn into history" 

Such respond is way similar to my way of thinking about this issues. I do not believe by accepting illegal immigrants, we are doing the right thing. We might done the right thing for them but unfair to our own countrymen. 

As for now, I still think that the number one priority is to provide food, water, medicine to those people stranded at the sea but to accept them blindly will make us blind ourselves. 

Negotiation and discussion is the most important event to be done. I believe our country and our neighbour are doing our best to go through this problem. And hopefully, they will learn from history, and do not let history repeat themselves on this one. If you all know what I mean...


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