Rohingya: Its Complicated.

I don't think the issue of stranded Rohingya is that simple like what a few of my friend shared post in social media. When I read those post, I feel like those Rohingya are just a fellow unfortunate muslim brother and sister and need to be help. It is very unethical for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand to refuse to accept this poor group of people.

I take a step back and start looking at this issue not from a close up picture but from a far so I can see the other issue that need to be thought about before we simply said that they are muslim, we are muslim, they should build house beside ours.

First of all, which country left them stranded at the sea? Do they just lost there in the middle of the ocean or just suddenly appear from nothing. Myanmar... this country is the root cause for everything. Not our country and its neighbours. Myanmar has been denying the human right for this group and now keep quiet and give us all the attitude of ' you really want to help them, nah, go and take them all. They are not my problem now, they all yours..." . Before blaming those country who refuse to accept them, we should blame the country that left them at the sea in the first place. Where is Myanmar at this time of crisis? It is still there, it does not disappear and take vacation to Mars, but they just sit there and watch. What's with this attitude? (They did not even attend the meeting to discuss this matter.

Second, are all of them stranded at the sea Rohingya? Now we are more concern about the real identity of this people. As we all know, illegal labours are constantly trying to enter to our country for the sake of work. To gain citizenship. Look how that affect us? We all fight each other in this country because of illegal immigrant issues. People suffered and died because of illegal immigrant issues. Google Tanduo crisis in Sabah and see how that affect our security until today. Nobody is safe anymore nowadays. A report from Australia intelligent agency shows that only 30% of those people stranded are in fact Rohingya. The rest are illegal labourers trying to enter our country.

Thirdly, where do you expect them to build the refugee camp? Sabah? As usual? Are we not have that much trouble from Philipinos illegally entering Sabah? How long do you expect them to live here? Until Myanmar invite them back? Will that be fair for those Sulu people who for years trying to enter our country and now we just simply let them enter? I expect if we accept them, other illegal immigrant will demand the same thing. We are done after that.

As for now, the best is to sit down and discuss about this problem. Leaders from this region, especially Myanmar itself, should discuss deeply regarding this issues. Humanitarian support of food supply, clean water and medicine should be constantly provided without interruption. This is the first thing that need to be addressed. All country should push Myanmar to settle the problem that they started. They should not just be let away and we settle their problem. They should be the first one to be blamed in this issues.

The issues is not as simple as what most people think. Post quoting Quranic verse, Sunnah, and whatever religiously statement regarding this issues will not resolved the problem even though they actually do but this is more political than religious motivated crisis.

Hope this issue resolve as soon as possible.


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