Sabahan cannot protect ourselves?

I am very disappointed reading through news today. As know by all Malaysian today, a trending topic in the internet is all about Malaysia's biggest political crisis ever - the 1MDB and current Prime Minister DS Najib.

I will not be shouting loud as other people do asking DS Najib to step down. In my opinion he will need to step down if majority want him to do so. Whether majority of people want him to step down or not is beyond the scope of this post.

What make me disappointed in reading the news today was when I read about a few Sabah's MP giving their support to Prime Minister. Giving support was not the problem. It's up to anyone to pick a side. When you are in a versus mode, you can't be in the middle ground, you have to pick side. You will have your reason why. What actually bothers me was when those few MPs were saying that without DS Najib, Sabah would not be able to tackle the illegal immigrant issue and we all should praise DS Najib for doing so.

Yes, we perhaps should thank DS najib for doing the right thing, but what have been done by Sabah's own MPs for the past...20-30 years? Saying DS Najib is the only person that trying to tackle the issue means everyone else in Sabah are not doing their job properly for so many years.

We should be ashamed of ourselves if we make this kind of statement. It surely will impress DS Najib but it will not impress Sabahan. Now we know that those leaders in Sabah are not doing their job. We have to rely on the only person which is DS Najib to take care of our land below the wind. What if he step down? Perhaps we will not be able to defend ourselves and will be taken over by illegal immigrants in a matter of hours. We Sabahan should be ashamed of ourselves.

In reality, Sabahan now are facing the same suffering all other Malaysian feel with this 1MDB scandal, GST, life cost increase, stagnant public sector salary, all tariff of utility increase and Sabah top the most hiking utility tariff all over Malaysia... support for government are a little shaky. However, I believe Sabahan want the best way to practce democracy. Not to rally, no violence, practicing life must go on attitude.

There are leaders in Sabah that are actively fighting and protecting this land from outsiders, from those illegal immigrants that keep on coming to this land. Those leaders are the real Sabahan. They will fight, they will defend, and they will never stop making Sabah a better everyday. For those who simply said that only prime minister is doing his job, they should just turn around and think, maybe they should do their work more, because in Sabahan eyes, they are not doing their work enough.


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