Why No Nursery in Hospital Queen Elizabeth KK?

This post title was a question thrown to me by my assistant in Clinic. Well, she has a point there. Queen Elizabeth Hospital or QEH is the biggest hospital here in the whole Sabah. I am pretty sure there are more than a thousand people working here. Most of them, have children.

The question started to pop out after realising that UTC, just a few hundred meter away from this hospital have their own nursery for their staff. This question might be raised from a jealousy towards UTC.

I have to admit that nursery is kind of important now. Even for me, one that considered myself 'just don't give a ---- ' type of person, I do give a ---- about having nursery near work place.

At this time went all price of goods going up and salary always stagnant for quite sometime, hiring a person to nurse your children at home would not be a good idea after all. Nursery would be a cheaper choice, a few hundred ringgit cheaper.

I am not being a cheapskate, but my family do have to eat rice everyday through out the month.

So where does this question go? How do I answer?

Maybe someone will answer it somewhere in the near future. As far as I know, I will always support the idea of creating a nursery in QEH. One that run by a registered people and that place must be specific for QEH staff like what UTC did.

As for now, have to survey the best nursery for children near QEH.

Do you all have any suggestion on which nursery to sent your children when you are working in QEH?


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