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Do you agree to Live by a Dress Code?

Everyone is talking about dress code nowadays. A lot of blog and article even post in social media regarding people denied entry into government premise in Malaysia due to wearing a short skirt. They were told to wear sarong ( a traditional malay kind of long skirt) before allowed entry.  People going crazy about this and start attacking government sector and pouring more fuel to the racial hatred fire that is burning around Malaysia nowadays.  Some people disagree with the act of forcing people to wear Sarong while the other blaming those short skirt wearing women for not dressing politely before going to government sector.  I disagree on the later.  I am a Muslim and I know that ‘aurat’ is a serious matter in our religion. My wife is covering her head and my daughter perhaps later will be teach on how to cover her head according to Islamic way. However, I do not agree if you are implementing a dress code for everyone. As you all know, time has change. People nowa

Bank Muamalat: House Loan Like A Box Of Chocolate.

Thinking of getting a house loan? Work in Government? Please get a loan from Government. I am very confused with conventional bank. No matter its Islamic or not. There is a lot of term, a lot promised, a lot of legal stuff, which happen to be - not going to make your life easy. At first I get a problem with Late payment Purchase with my apartment as bank pay the developer a year late! I was charged Rm8000+ on that and then I request bank to help me someway to settle it and they just said I was late on completing the deal causing them to delay to release the money to the developer. However, I recall that the bank never called me to tell me that I need to pay some Mortgage payment amount Rm600 before they can proceed. I wouldn't know that if they did not tell me. But the blame is all on me. Nobody want to help me. Even lawyer which supposed to handle the legal issue on my loan refused to help me saying that they can't do anything. They ask me to deal with the bank myself. I..

Sabah Earthquake: Nude earthquake.

Forgive me if I am being too insensitive here but I need to talk about this matter. As you all know that Sabah was tragically struck by a 5.9 in magnitude earthquake. It was a disaster, it was terrible, it's sad and I too mourn for Sabah. However, there are a few thing spread in the mass media and social media that brings out the ugliness of ourselves. Some of us, if not most of us, blame the nudist for the disaster. I am no supporter for nudist movement. I too disagree about their dress code. For me it was wrong to be nude in a public place not to mention a SACRED places. Mosque, church, temple, and for some races in Sabah, Mount Kinabalu is a sacred places. So this place is not for nudity. Why the hell did they need to take their cloth of in a cold mountain peak. It was fun, maybe, but not that fun now when  those people were arrested by the authority. Yes, if I were ask whether this people need to be punish or not, I would say according to Law, nude in public still consi

Blaming is Important: Malaysian attitude.

Why Malaysian have to blame first before solving a problem. This can be seen as early as in school children. When someone tease and cry, the first thing the teacher will ask "Who did this? Who tease her?". Something like that. Came to teenage year, a teenage girl get unwanted pregnancy, the parent will shout "Who is the father?! Who did this to you?!" Came to the adult year, someone create a problem in their work and the boss will say "Who's problem is this? Who did this?" It goes on and on. We will never stopped. Recently, an unfortunate incident happen in Sabah. An earthquake struck the Mt Kinabalu and caused a tragic loss of life and injury, the first thing shout out loud by our people is.. "Who is the person naked on that mountain? Find those people!" How disappointing is that? People are struggling up there trying to rescue those stranded climbers and you are paying attention to those naked tourist. For god sake! Please stop.

Earthquake Sabah : First experience...

I have to write about this. It was my first time experiencing earthquake. Was not expecting one, I would never wish to had one. Sometime, **** happen. I was on my way to work, as usual with my wife. Stop by a breakfast stall near my apartment area, bought breakfast, nothing unusual. So day look like just a normal day. Until at that moment when I almost arrived at my workplace. In front of traffic light. I stopped. And I had to press the break hard because I sensed my car was still moving. Press the break again hard and I still feel like my car is shaking ( maybe due to the unequal road surface I thought). But the car was not moving. I had to peek to the rear mirror to because I afraid someone might knock my car from behind. No car behind me. Then in a few second I sense the shaking began to intensify. Now I heard all car alarm around me start to make noise. I turn right and left looking and all the car parking near the roadside alarm all went on. Then I said to my wife " Do yo

Putatan Platinum Apartment: The Worst and Ugly truth

I have written about this apartment ugly side again and again. However, I have yet to see any improvement done. So after a few months, I still write about the ugly truth about this apartment. This apartment is located near putatan city center. Easy access to hypermarket, shops and restaurant. It look bright and shiny from the outside however after owning of the unit in this apartment, I have found the ugly truth about living in such apartment. The management is the worse apartment management I ever encounter with. And yes, I am not born yesterday, I have my fair share of experience staying in different apartment before this. This is my first own apartment, yes, before this I always be a renter. I always thought that owning would bring more privileges compare to be a renter but I was wrong. Paying for almost 200K for a unit (with loan interest summing up to 500-600K), I would thought that this is my apartment, I live in it, and I own it, nobody can order me around like what I alwa

Child Safety in Malaysia: A Worrisome Attitude of Malaysian.

To begin with, is Malaysia a child safe country? A question that most people would answer yes without even thinking due to the patriotism in their heart and believe that Malaysia is the safest country whatever it is. I would answer could be...but not yet. When we were out in a mall, and we are still experiencing some degree of fear that our child might get kidnapped or fall from height, that is mean that we are not totally child safe yet. Facilities, services, environment, and a lot of thing need to be fixed to make sure our child are always safe no matter where they are. However, these can be done but attitude. I am a bit worry about Malaysian attitude towards child safety. For example, when a parent was jailed oversea due to the offence of hitting their children to pray cause a havoc in Malaysia. People start giving their opinions toward the case. Most of them worrisome. Most of them disagree with the law giving jail sentence to that parent. For them, it was the right to do.