Blaming is Important: Malaysian attitude.

Why Malaysian have to blame first before solving a problem. This can be seen as early as in school children. When someone tease and cry, the first thing the teacher will ask "Who did this? Who tease her?". Something like that.

Came to teenage year, a teenage girl get unwanted pregnancy, the parent will shout "Who is the father?! Who did this to you?!"

Came to the adult year, someone create a problem in their work and the boss will say "Who's problem is this? Who did this?"

It goes on and on. We will never stopped.

Recently, an unfortunate incident happen in Sabah. An earthquake struck the Mt Kinabalu and caused a tragic loss of life and injury, the first thing shout out loud by our people is..

"Who is the person naked on that mountain? Find those people!"

How disappointing is that? People are struggling up there trying to rescue those stranded climbers and you are paying attention to those naked tourist. For god sake! Please stop.

Those naked picture show up in facebook way more than picture of mountain guide climbing to rescue people.

Why we love to blame? A friend of mine said to me in my facebook post that it is much easier to blame rather than finding a solution or to prevent the same incident to happen again in the future. As for now, if someone ask why earthquake happen in Sabah, it's easy.... because those tourist got naked on the top of the mountain.

Wrong. There is a lot of explanation and research to be done and in fact we already know how much our ground move per year seismologically. Instead, we choose the solution of blaming rather than finding a real explanation and a solution.

Same as the thing I mention above. A cried child in school need to be attend first, to comfort him or her first before finding someone to be blame. A pregnant teen girl need to be address first on how is she, to make sure that she is supported well enough rather than finding someone need to be blame. Problem in work, the head of that unit need to the a root cause analysis, asking why it happen rather than asking who is responsible for it (this is a real way of finding a solution in workplace by the way. Google Root cause analysis).

So, I mean no offence to those believe that the spirit of Mt Kinabalu is angry because of that tourist but as for now, what's important is to make sure everyone is safe, and to make sure we are fully prepared in the future to face such tragedy.


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