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Child Safety in Malaysia: A Worrisome Attitude of Malaysian.

To begin with, is Malaysia a child safe country?

A question that most people would answer yes without even thinking due to the patriotism in their heart and believe that Malaysia is the safest country whatever it is.

I would answer could be...but not yet. When we were out in a mall, and we are still experiencing some degree of fear that our child might get kidnapped or fall from height, that is mean that we are not totally child safe yet.

Facilities, services, environment, and a lot of thing need to be fixed to make sure our child are always safe no matter where they are. However, these can be done but attitude.

I am a bit worry about Malaysian attitude towards child safety. For example, when a parent was jailed oversea due to the offence of hitting their children to pray cause a havoc in Malaysia. People start giving their opinions toward the case. Most of them worrisome. Most of them disagree with the law giving jail sentence to that parent. For them, it was the right to do. To hit a child for refusing to pray.

When someone saying that physical punishment for school children is irrelevant nowadays, social media was stir with a lot of teacher saying that person should not give her opinion and physical punishment sound like a must for them to discipline a child.

Not to forget, parent living their child in a car until that child got heat stroke, children shocked by electric, drowning, missing, kidnapped in front of their house..all this accident and criminal thing that keep spawning everyday in our newspaper.

We are not safe for children as for now. Forget the above paragraph about the accident and criminal act. Let just focus on the first two example I gave above. This way of thinking is worrisome. How can people still think that hitting a child is a correct method to discipline them. Do you ever got bitten hard by your teacher or parent and think that is the only way to make you what you are right now?

People would then attack me with their religious opinion, their past traumatic life, and whatever reason they want to throw to support that hitting a child is the only way but THINK!

Think for a while. Is it fair for them? The child. Think of a boxing match with a contender weighing 50 kg vs a contender weighing 100 kg. Is it fair?

Why don't Malaysian, before using their religious knowledge or past traumatic life, use logic first. Why don't we put child safety and right first before anything else. Do you disagree? If you do not, then you must seek expert consultation. Trust me. What your father or teacher had done to you had cause you some psychological trauma. Please see a psychologist stat.

We should have a strict law enforcement to protect our children. They are the generation that would keep this country alive. If they could not be discipline without physical punishment, then its enough.

We do not need anymore leader who never listen and learn until we knock their head or something!


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