Do you agree to Live by a Dress Code?

Everyone is talking about dress code nowadays. A lot of blog and article even post in social media regarding people denied entry into government premise in Malaysia due to wearing a short skirt. They were told to wear sarong ( a traditional malay kind of long skirt) before allowed entry. 

People going crazy about this and start attacking government sector and pouring more fuel to the racial hatred fire that is burning around Malaysia nowadays. 

Some people disagree with the act of forcing people to wear Sarong while the other blaming those short skirt wearing women for not dressing politely before going to government sector. 

I disagree on the later. 

I am a Muslim and I know that ‘aurat’ is a serious matter in our religion. My wife is covering her head and my daughter perhaps later will be teach on how to cover her head according to Islamic way.

However, I do not agree if you are implementing a dress code for everyone. As you all know, time has change. People nowadays are free to choose what they want to believe and what they want to practice. Why do we need to choose for other?

If someone wearing a short skirt going to government counter, what is wrong with that? They say its the dress code, have to wear politely but polite bring different definition for different people. For example, a  female wearing a skull necklace, wearing a long jeans and boots, hair cut short or even bald, with tattoo… is this polite? Compare this to a girl that dress decently wearing a short skirt and a T-Shirt. 

A girl wearing a T-Shirt printed on the chest area “Fuck you”, is this polite? Yes she is wearing a T-Shirt, a long pants, and how can this be more polite than wearing a short Skirt?

Yes, wearing a bra and thong, a bikini could be not appropriate, but maybe in the future, this could be polite in definition. Just look how those people in the past dress. I believe an american teenage girl in the 70’s dressed more politely than our so called Muslim girl. 

Definition of polite is vary from person to person. 

So about the dress code. I am not agreeing to the fact that people can wear short skirt, sometime I hate it too but this is due to how I grew up as a muslim. I do not particularly hate that person just how she dress. 

But I am 100% disagree on dress code. I do not want to live by the dress code. As you can see, dress code is like a rule by a regime. Dress code is like a dictator way of telling people, you do as I say. Dress code is a rule that will make our mind stunted. We will not progress, we will not be a better country if we choose to abide to a dress code. 

I am against all dress code, dress code for school children, dress code for college student, dress code for University student, you will eventually died wearing what someone told you to wear. 

You can say, please wear shoes or do not be naked, that’s acceptable, but to make a rule saying you must not wear this, you must wear like this…please - we are living in 2015. This is not 1990s. 

I wear T-shirt to go shopping with slippers, I do not wear neck tie to work, I wear short sleeves as opposed to long sleeves for my grade in government. I do not wear lab coat when I see patient. Because for me dress code is like having your both hand cuffed by someone that you possibly do not know your entire life. Dress code is for prison, yes. Dress code is for North Korea kind of country, yes. Dress code is not for me. 

So for me, if you want to wear anything at all, it’s your choice.  Don’t let people told you what to do. You only live for a time period, it’s for you to choose how you want to dress, if you want to go to government sector. 

Just wear something....that'll be enough. 


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