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Putatan Platinum Apartment: The Worst and Ugly truth

I have written about this apartment ugly side again and again. However, I have yet to see any improvement done. So after a few months, I still write about the ugly truth about this apartment.

This apartment is located near putatan city center. Easy access to hypermarket, shops and restaurant. It look bright and shiny from the outside however after owning of the unit in this apartment, I have found the ugly truth about living in such apartment.

The management is the worse apartment management I ever encounter with. And yes, I am not born yesterday, I have my fair share of experience staying in different apartment before this. This is my first own apartment, yes, before this I always be a renter.

I always thought that owning would bring more privileges compare to be a renter but I was wrong. Paying for almost 200K for a unit (with loan interest summing up to 500-600K), I would thought that this is my apartment, I live in it, and I own it, nobody can order me around like what I always encounter when I am renting. I was wrong, I've said this twice.

First of all, I live in an environment that look like I am renting. I can't bring furniture without paying deposit, I can't hammer a nail in my house without permit. Can't do anything basically without permit.

Now I can't bring my second car in due to the rules of one house one car park. There are a few car park that was left empty for years so I had to use that while awaiting to rent a car park from someone else or from the management itself. However, now my second car was deny entry. They order me to park outside the apartment gate where it was dark and dirty as the river bank construction is ongoing. If a metal or a rock fall on my car, nobody ill be responsible for that.

I can't renovate my door gate as will, can't install aircond compressor except the designated area of the house which will cost me a thousand extra to install.

Everything is about rule and rule and tule.

But this is my house. I work hard to earn money to pay bank for it. I even pay RM70+ per month for the service charge that supposed to be the money that was use to pay that management staff and even the security guard and every personel working in this apartment.

Complain to management..they refuse to listen until i give up in complaining. They will simply made a new rules and that't it. Without any discussion with the owner in the first place.

So I feel like living in my house which does not look like my house. Once I step outside my door, everything was own by the management ( where's the logic in that?). They should sell this house below 50k if they still want to own it like their own house.

Okay, let me be clear here. The issue of parking, renovation and whatever I just told, could be the thing that the management want to keep in place for the benefit of us, the owner ( I don't see how). However, what is more important actually is for the management to tackle the issue of security in this apartment, Still hearing house breaking activity here and there. Still having those 'mat rempit' making loud noise and racing in the car park, still having suspicious house that look like a modus operandi for non local to hide. They won't bother to tackle such issue.

What they bother is to keep my second car outside the apartment area.

Where is justice for me? Don't buy apartment they said....give me back my Rm173000 and for sure I will kick myself out of this apartment and find a better house to stay.


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