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Malaysia's level of common sense? 10%.

I have written about common sense some time ago. I have stressed that common sense is a single important thing that we need to differentiate whether we are clever or stupid. Even in medicine, the knowledge itself was based on common sense and experience. That's how Hippocrates created the foundation of medicine.  Even in other aspect of our life, common sense is important. If you want to fix a toilet, without any plumbing knowledge, at least you know you need to turn of the main water supply first. Or else.. If you want to fix an electrical appliances, it is a common sense to turn off the power first. Or else.. If you are going shopping, it is a common sense to check you wallet first before you go. Or else.. Everything is about having some degree of common sense. It is lacking in our beloved country Malaysia nowadays. I am hesitate to talk about politics but looking through google news and social media, and even national television, I can certainly detect not less th

What Malaysia need today?

What history has told us regarding outsiders intervention in our country? It will always end up with a disaster. Lost of pride, lost of our land, lost of our power, and many thing else we had lost by accepting the intervention. Nowadays, after hundred if not thousand years, history repeat itself. Instead of us, the youth of the nation fighting for our land, outsiders have to fight for us. This was proven by the 1MDB issue. What did Malaysian do about it? None. We need a stranger from overseas to raise the issue to make it public.  It does not matter who is right and who is wrong, the point is, we ourselves are too lazy pointing finger at each other, engulf ourselves with corruption money, and even fighting each other for power. When we were busy doing this, people outside our nation are scrutinising us in every angle. The result is, we have been humiliated by journalists from oversea. When they busy writing about our money disappearing, we were shocked. It's like somebody t

Another Historical Day For Malaysia

This is another historical day in Malaysia. A sudden reshuffle of ministry cabinet and another history which repeat itself, sacking off a Deputy Prime Minister. And again, this time that deputy seems to speak on behalf of the citizen. Yet, talking in the interest of people, are almost equivalent to crime in Malaysia. Disappointed, again. I am not sure which direction will this country goes after this, as one of my friend said, we can only pray for the better Malaysia. The new cabinet have to possibilities. Turning Malaysia into a better country, eliminating corruption, finding people money that keep on disappearing, bring more development to our country and make our economy strong again. Or, they can choose to ruin this country, no need to say much about that. Politics, politics. When will this end? It is also a day which I sent my HLP for master program application. It's a also historical day for myself. I will remember today, perhaps this could be the first step for

Origin of Chucky Charlie: Starting a new blog.

I'st started more than 10 years ago. I started to with Friendster.. I've started writing a post in my blog using friendster. I do not know what to write at that time, I just wrote some bunch or short story about my life. When Friendster became crowded, and not trendy anymore, I switched to blogspot (before it became Blogging trend start fading after Facebook arrived. After Facebook, nobody bother to write a blog anymore. Everything now can be posted in Facebook. A short sentences instead of a whole paragraph like what bloggers did.  Blogging is way different than 10 years ago. Now vlogging is much more popular and blogging itself has turn into a few categories. Bloggers now are separated into a few groups of blog. There are Food bloggers, travel bloggers, bloggers who ask to buy their products, bloggers who ask to click their ad, bloggers who talk and gossip about artist, and bloggers who talk about making money by doing a blog. Still, there are bloggers

Happy Eid Mubarak.

Aidilfitri is here again. I am celebrating aidilfitri in Labuan this year. And as usual, it still feel the same like last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and so on. Nothing much has change in Aidilfitri celebration. Started by performing prayer in the morning, visit graveyard to recite the Quran as a symbol that we are still not forgetting those who already went back to see their creator. Then visit family and friend…and always, lots of food.  Even though it seem like nothing much has change, still, Aidilfitri is one of the celebrated day among Muslim around the world. I would say the most celebrated in Malaysia because I am seeing everything from Malaysia’s persepctive.  The day marked our achievement in fighting ourselves during ramadhan. We resist food, drink, and all the bad thing and after 30 days, we deserved to celebrate it. Celebrate it by meeting up with distance relative or long lost friends, giving pocket money or Duit Raya to children, eventu

Malaysia Gov Servant 2 Months Without Salary

What are your preparation for the upcoming month? It was told that after Hari Raya Aidilfitri, government servant will have around 53 days before their getting their next salary. It was like - almost 2 months without salary. Thinking about it making me feel insane. However, it was actually all about money management. The salary for July 2015 was paid on the 9th of July and the next salary will be on 25th Aug 2015. Still, every month you are getting your salary. No decrease on that. The most important thing is to make sure that you did not spend all your July Salary during Hari Raya. The temptation to use that money is high... Without caution, you might become broke by middle of July. First thing first, please pay your bill. Yes, paying bill seems like thing that we do every end of the month but do you realise that bills were released every first of second week of the month. For example, electricity bills usually come on 3rd or 5th of every month. Same as water bill. Credit card s

Leaving Deezer for Spotify

Image taken from I never thought that I would be stuck into the world of streaming music. At first when I read an article in magazine about Sean Penn (if i am not mistaken), in the end of that article, it was mentioned about his new project, Spotify. So in that very brief last paragraph of that article, Spotify was described as a new way of listening to music by streaming it from the internet. My first thought, who would need such technology? I mean, who can afford to have internet everywhere to listen to music. The article even mentioned about how Spotify would change how people listen to radio, and how Spotify would be the future radio. Pffft... I doubted that time. I doubted it because at that time I was using a phone that only capable of calling, sms, facebook, and the new thing at that time is whatsapp. An internet based messaging system. I would download a few song over the internet and it would cost me so much data. So streaming music is not an o

Malaysia : A Historical July

While US is celebrating their independence day recently, a few historical thing also happen in our country, Malaysia. First of all, it's Ramadhan. Ironically, Ramadhan is a month which Muslim fast from dawn until sunset but when you say Ramadhan in Malaysia, it's all about food anyway. Food Baazar is everywhere and mosque start serving free food for everyone. Nothing special about this year Ramadhan, same old, same old. This year, however, show that many people hold back on their expenses due to the bad economy surrounding this region, particularly this country Malaysia. This month July also shows a surprising news regarding corruption allegation on our Prime Minister. He has been in a shaking boat since the last general election due to poor result for his party in general election, yet they still hold Malaysia under their party government. Then came the altantuya conspiracy, then Opposition leader being jailed which many believe is a move base on political interest to st

House getting expensive...yet people still buy.

Sabah has been considered a poor state among other state in Malaysia. I have to agree on that. You cannot find that poor people like that poor people in Sabah. There are some area in Sabah where clean water supply, electricity, and even transportation not available. There are still people that eat what they planted in their small house yard, picking up veggies from the jungle, hunting wild animal for meat.  Cook their food with fire from woods they gather from the forest, water from the river... eveything sound very primitive but that is reality. There are still people living like that in this state.  On the contrary, in the city of Kota Kinabalu, life is moving fast like a fast train. Big building and shopping mall keep sprouting like mushrooms growing after a rainy day. Everything is accessible and within reach. Kitchen were clean because everyone eating outside. Thousands of restaurant providing a low cost food until a luxury diner. Sometimes, people do not need to move from thei