Another Historical Day For Malaysia

This is another historical day in Malaysia. A sudden reshuffle of ministry cabinet and another history which repeat itself, sacking off a Deputy Prime Minister. And again, this time that deputy seems to speak on behalf of the citizen. Yet, talking in the interest of people, are almost equivalent to crime in Malaysia.

Disappointed, again.

I am not sure which direction will this country goes after this, as one of my friend said, we can only pray for the better Malaysia.

The new cabinet have to possibilities. Turning Malaysia into a better country, eliminating corruption, finding people money that keep on disappearing, bring more development to our country and make our economy strong again.

Or, they can choose to ruin this country, no need to say much about that.

Politics, politics. When will this end?

It is also a day which I sent my HLP for master program application. It's a also historical day for myself. I will remember today, perhaps this could be the first step for me to become something else called a master...:)


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