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House getting expensive...yet people still buy.

Sabah has been considered a poor state among other state in Malaysia. I have to agree on that. You cannot find that poor people like that poor people in Sabah. There are some area in Sabah where clean water supply, electricity, and even transportation not available. There are still people that eat what they planted in their small house yard, picking up veggies from the jungle, hunting wild animal for meat.  Cook their food with fire from woods they gather from the forest, water from the river... eveything sound very primitive but that is reality. There are still people living like that in this state. 

On the contrary, in the city of Kota Kinabalu, life is moving fast like a fast train. Big building and shopping mall keep sprouting like mushrooms growing after a rainy day. Everything is accessible and within reach. Kitchen were clean because everyone eating outside. Thousands of restaurant providing a low cost food until a luxury diner. Sometimes, people do not need to move from their chair at home, food come to their houses. Delivery services is everywhere. Kota Kinabalu has become a modern city within this few years. 

Two different state of living, both within the same land. The rich and the poor. Sometime you cannot imagine that Sabah is the poorest state when you look at Kota Kinabalu city. But that is the reality, a few hundreds kilometres away, people are struggling to live, with limited food and nutrients, while in the city people are throwing food from their frequent buffet dinner in hotel restaurant. 

I am living in the middle. Working as a doctor in government hospital, I work hard for my living. Doctors salary nowadays are not enough to support a big family. Luckily I have a small family, yet I still struggle to live in the city. Everything are expensive..petrol, electricity, internet, house loan, car loan, taxes...  Frequently, I need to get overtime work or oncall to make it enough for living by the end of the month. I am working in a non clinical setting thus oncall is limited. It is only a passive call so not that luxurious when I work in a clinical setting here I can get more than enough payment from oncall... the only thing is, I do not have any time for myself if I am working in clinical setting. 

I live in a small apartment, that is the only apartment that I can afford to buy, a 850 sq ft apartment. 3 rooms, enough for my small family. 

However, I wonder how a lot of people manage to go travel overseas once in a year, buy 2-3 houses or condo, own 2 imported cars, and etc. They must be damn rich. 

Why are there so many rich people in Sabah?

I believe the system is not right today. The poor getting poorer, the richer getting richer - this is the system that work here in Sabah. 

Can you imagine I have to work for 2-3 years and hardly save my money to own a small apartment like I mentioned above, then I heard that 15 house units in my apartment are owned by one person. That person then turn that 15 apartment into a homestay, bussiness rather than staying there. I once read in social group that a person feeling concern about the security issues in my apartment area and she feel worry about her 10 unit of houses here. What? Why do people own this many unit of houses and how can they afford to get that? 

Then they let the house for rent...for those people like me who work hard to earn for a living. They become richer, everyone else is geting poorer. 

There are new condominium open in Sabah selling for RM700 000, a standard price for a non luxurious condo in Sabah and its fully booked! Even government loan would not approve Rm700 000 loan for house. 

House price is crazy here. My 850 sq ft apartment now priced Rm300 000. I bought it at Rm170 000 but I had to pay more than Rm300 000 with interest to the bank. 

A single story house 1350 sq ft sells for Rm850 000.... 

An apartment above a shopping mall (yes it is strategic in location) sells for 1.7 millions. 

Who are going to buy such expensive houses here in Sabah? 

They will be me. They will be a person who can buy 10-20 unit of that houses...then rent it to the poor. 

I believe the respected authorities should give attention to this kind of problem in Sabah. If not, more and more poor people will be suppressed. Even a middle class people like me. 


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