Malaysia Gov Servant 2 Months Without Salary

What are your preparation for the upcoming month? It was told that after Hari Raya Aidilfitri, government servant will have around 53 days before their getting their next salary. It was like - almost 2 months without salary. Thinking about it making me feel insane.

However, it was actually all about money management. The salary for July 2015 was paid on the 9th of July and the next salary will be on 25th Aug 2015. Still, every month you are getting your salary. No decrease on that.

The most important thing is to make sure that you did not spend all your July Salary during Hari Raya. The temptation to use that money is high... Without caution, you might become broke by middle of July.

First thing first, please pay your bill. Yes, paying bill seems like thing that we do every end of the month but do you realise that bills were released every first of second week of the month. For example, electricity bills usually come on 3rd or 5th of every month. Same as water bill. Credit card statement usually due to be paid by second week of each month. Mine on 13th or 15th on every month. Postpaid phone bill also usually out on the 8th of the month (digi). Streamyx bill come out by 1st week of each month, but it will be unofficial, meaning that you need to check it online yourself. The hard copy comes later. Astro bill came out today via online portal. Just checked it.

So by now, 11th of July...every bill should be settled. Regarding loan, that one does not matter. You might as well pay now. They usually did not specify the date that you need to pay them. Just make sure pay it before end of month. So pay now is the best move, in my opinion.

Second thing, regarding the first thing... did you realise the important of online banking? Yes, you can pay your bill early via online banking. No need to wait for the hard copy.

Third thing, regarding the second thing... after online transaction, print everything and keep it in your file. Organise it. Put the date so that you can refer back later whether you already paid that bill or not. For me, I am using Mac's Numbers to organise my payment. Use your Microsoft excel, does not matter, just keep track on your payment.

Fourth thing, save some money in your emergency fund account. Make sure you have one.  This will be useful toward the middle of August. Calculate your weekly average expenses, for example RM500 per week (for petrol, lunch money, etc). So from next week, you need to keep around 6 week x RM500.... thats RM3000....what? That is almost all of your salary. Maybe just keep half of your balance.

Last thing, now with all the balance you have, now enjoy your Hari Raya Aidilfitri... make government rich by spending on all those GST...Make ministers see us like we are supporting them implementing GST...haha. Joking. Just enjoy Raya festival. Go back to your hometown, don't listen to them... :p.

Well, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Good luck with your money management. Make sure you are not bankrupt until 25th of Auguest 2015....


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