Malaysia : A Historical July

While US is celebrating their independence day recently, a few historical thing also happen in our country, Malaysia.

First of all, it's Ramadhan. Ironically, Ramadhan is a month which Muslim fast from dawn until sunset but when you say Ramadhan in Malaysia, it's all about food anyway. Food Baazar is everywhere and mosque start serving free food for everyone.

Nothing special about this year Ramadhan, same old, same old. This year, however, show that many people hold back on their expenses due to the bad economy surrounding this region, particularly this country Malaysia.

This month July also shows a surprising news regarding corruption allegation on our Prime Minister. He has been in a shaking boat since the last general election due to poor result for his party in general election, yet they still hold Malaysia under their party government. Then came the altantuya conspiracy, then Opposition leader being jailed which many believe is a move base on political interest to stop him from moving forward. Then came 1MDB scandal.. And now the corruption allegation by Wall Street Journal.

Hard to believe. It's historical. It's serious and I hope within this few weeks, there will be changes in Malaysia political situation.

Ringgit sink again today, what an unfortunate day for Malaysia. People are having a hard life trying to survive in this country economy.

Oil price hike in this country, while world oil price does not seem to change. Another history that we will never forget. Lots of rage have been thrown in social media regarding the mismanagement for this country causing citizen to bear the billions dollar debt which came from nowhere. Perhaps only people up there knew where all of this debt came from.

Otherwise, Malaysia is still surviving. Do not know until when but I hope everything will be alright. I saw this Greece economy crisis and I afraid our country is heading the same way.

Well, most of the issues that happen now in Malaysia involved politics. Is this bad? I do not thing so. For the first time, we can see that people in Malaysia are more interested in Politics rather than discount sale in shopping mall. More interested in politics rather than anything else. Coffee talks now are all about politics, all ages talking about politics - its a hot topic nowadays.

Can't avoid talking about politics even in my post now.

Pray for Malaysia... Hopefully a better Malaysia will not only be a dream..


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