Origin of Chucky Charlie: Starting a new blog.

I'st started more than 10 years ago. I started to with Friendster.. I've started writing a post in my blog using friendster. I do not know what to write at that time, I just wrote some bunch or short story about my life. When Friendster became crowded, and not trendy anymore, I switched to blogspot (before it became blogger.com).

Blogging trend start fading after Facebook arrived. After Facebook, nobody bother to write a blog anymore. Everything now can be posted in Facebook. A short sentences instead of a whole paragraph like what bloggers did.

 Blogging is way different than 10 years ago.

Now vlogging is much more popular and blogging itself has turn into a few categories. Bloggers now are separated into a few groups of blog.

There are Food bloggers, travel bloggers, bloggers who ask to buy their products, bloggers who ask to click their ad, bloggers who talk and gossip about artist, and bloggers who talk about making money by doing a blog.

Still, there are bloggers that just blog for fun. The personal bloggers.

I guessed I fall into the group of personal bloggers. My blog does not have any product to sell, I do not really campaigning for people to click my ads.

This Chucky Charlie itself started on 2006. And whois  Chucky Charlie? It was actually my named given when I am in boarding school. Friend around me call me chucky. The name did not stick, but that's the name that eventually came into my mind when I created this blog.

So after more than 10 years of blogging, I am still amateur. Only wrote 530 post in 10 years... Haha. This blog already automatically has a 'kick' in google search. It was listed in first page of google sometimes if you search some term contain in it. If I am that person who love to advertise thing in a blog, this is a good sign.

My philosophy, if I wrote something in my blog, maybe somehow there are some people out there that need that information. It's free. It happen to me so many times when I wanted to find some information about a place or an activity or whatever, and what Google show me is (as usual) ads.ads..and more ads. Most of the time, I found my info from other personal bloggers like me. That was so helpful.

After a while, I started to realise that I need a project, not just a random blog like this one. I want a scheduled work. A project that have a dateline so that I do not just randomly wandering around internet with no direction.

Thus, I started a new blog... A recipe blog. It's funny, a person like me creating a recipe blog. There are so many recipe blog out there. I don't care. This project have a value to me, because I started it with my mother. She really excited about it because she loved cooking.

I start resepibrunei.com a few weeks ago. It's going well now. Not that much audience but it's like a prescription to me. So that every week I have something to do. Even my other now have something to do every week. We have to re-create a traditional recipe every week. It sound fund.

I just love blogging.

Please visit Resepibrunei.com to get new recipe every week. :)


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