What Malaysia need today?

What history has told us regarding outsiders intervention in our country? It will always end up with a disaster. Lost of pride, lost of our land, lost of our power, and many thing else we had lost by accepting the intervention.

Nowadays, after hundred if not thousand years, history repeat itself. Instead of us, the youth of the nation fighting for our land, outsiders have to fight for us. This was proven by the 1MDB issue. What did Malaysian do about it? None. We need a stranger from overseas to raise the issue to make it public. 

It does not matter who is right and who is wrong, the point is, we ourselves are too lazy pointing finger at each other, engulf ourselves with corruption money, and even fighting each other for power. When we were busy doing this, people outside our nation are scrutinising us in every angle. The result is, we have been humiliated by journalists from oversea. When they busy writing about our money disappearing, we were shocked. It's like somebody telling you someone is staying in your house for free and keep stealing your stuff, and you do not know anything about it. 

I have to agree with our current leader prime minister saying that we must unite in this period of time, we need unity and we all should make our own target to fix this country rather than destroy it. We should strengthen ourselves with knowledge and skill that can make us stand up for ourselves rather than depending on outsiders who has nothing to do with our country. 

The feeling of love to our country hopefully will not fade away. I believe that there are still so many people who love this country and willing to fight to keep her freedom from being touch by those enemy. Our vision, a developed country, no corruption, and unity. 


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