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Buying Playstation 4: Worth it.

I already bought a game for my Playstation 4 but now my TV did not work. It must be a problem with HDMI port. My TV in the living room connected well with my Playstation 4. My bedroom's TV gave me a headache. Call up a TV mechanic or technician, said that maybe I need to replace my TV mainboard...that would cost me around RM200. I am too lazy to fix this TV after all that I've been through to set up my Playstation 4. Quick call... I posted an ad for my TV in again, and less than an hour, I sold my broken HDMI port TV for RM200 and with that, I was in Karamunsing Complex in Kota Kinabalu looking for a new TV. Luckily, I found this shop selling a Hisense TV. Do you all know Hisense TV? Nope? It was a new brand introduced by this company from China. You must be thinking that it was a bad brand for a TV, you are wrong. Hisense TV provide 2 years warranty and other than the brand, everything inside the TV work well, same as LG TV or Panasonic. Why would you pay RM800

Bersih 4: When People Take It Out To The Street.

Minions. It's like the minions fever all over again. Yellow colour is everywhere. I am not sure why yellow colour was chosen, perhaps because of it's striking colour, easily visible to everyone. This is the fourth time Malaysian have to do rally on the street to voice out their critics to the on going corruption and demand for a clean electoral process in Malaysia. That was supposed to be the agenda in Bersih, multiple NGO combine together and create something like this. When it first created, everyone has a mixed feeling about it. It's the fourth time now with Bersih 4.0, and we still have that kind of feeling. Everything did not change since it was first held. I am no supporter to street rally, I maybe one of those unpatriotic Malaysian who rather sit at home watching TV. Actually I just had a new baby so going out for a street rally was not an option for me. I may not be a supporter for street rally but I find it necessary to do. People do not just simply held a ra

Buying Playstation 4 : Setting it up challenge.

After My Playstation 4 arrived at my doorstep. It was normal for me to quickly unbox it and hook it up with my Television. The first Television I hooked it up with was my LG Smart TV in my small apartment living room. It was nice. Everything working fine. I do not have games yet. So I just download the first update (the usual update you need to download when you start your Playstation). Yes, you need internet if you want to buy Playstation 4. I think it goes the same for Xbox 360. In this era of online gaming, owning a gaming console requirement was Internet. At least 4mbps Streamyx. Unifi would be better. I would put my Playstation 4 in my bedroom. However, I do not have TV cabinet yet in my room. So, as quickly as possible ( 2 days later when I am not oncall), I bring my wife to find a suitable cabinet for our bedroom. We found it. No need to describe about it (cheap cabinet from Giant Supermarket). But trust me, It's functional and nice looking. As you all know, buying a cab

Buying Playstation 4: Online shopping experience

In the last post, I am a Defector: Xbox 360 to Playstation 4, I talk on why I bought Playstation 4 as my new gaming console. Now, I would like to share my story on this transition process. First of all, as an owner of Xbox 360, it is normal for me to get rid of my Xbox 360. One of my friend told me to keep that console as a memory. I have different idea about it. Rather than keeping my Xbox 360, I prefer to sell it and use that money to buy a new Playstation 4. So instead of paying RM1400 for a new PS4 console, with my Xbox 360 money, I only need to pay half the price. is my choice of web page to advertise my Xbox, and I got it sold less than 6 hours after I posted the ad.  The last picture of my Xbox 360 before I sold it. With that money I had, I google around the net to find the best deal for a Playstation 4 console. Malaysia set with Sony Malaysia warranty set of Playstation would cost me RM1799+. If I bought Japan set, it will cost me RM1300+. Cheaper th

Defector: Xbox 360 to Playstation 4

I am an xbox user. I have been playing my xbox 360 for almost 4 years now. It's good, the game is somehow same as what we get in PS4, most games are multiplateform nowadays. I have no problem using my xbox 360.  Until when it came to the time to upgrade. I had been given 2 choices. To upgrade my xbox to Xbox One or to change  everything to Playstation 4.  I love Xbox 360 controller, I can't give it up for Dualshock 4 in Playstation. However, there are many aspect that I need to see to get to my decision.  I bought a Playstation 4 in the end. I feel like I am a defector. Why did I change it? Not because I hate  Xbox 360 but I just think that Playstation, maybe, can also serve me well.  Playstation 4 and Xbox has become a bit to similar nowadays. Last time, I bought Xbox because of the Kinect. I can show off to my Playstation 4 friend of my new kinect game that PS3 lack. Yes PS3 has that thing that can be use for motion sensor but have you all try Kinect? Damn micr

Noisy Jet Is Noisy.

I encounter an argument in Social media regarding a person who complained in Social media (obviously) regarding TUDM jet making a training at night and the noise woke the complainer kids from sleep. I am kind of shock that this kind of stuff could be a real argument and has exposed so many character of people from underneath their coconut shell. Its a metaphor.. Looking at so many argument generated, I was trigger to write my opinion here, because obviously posting an opinion in facebook will only get a judgement. There are a lot of judge there. I neither support the complainer nor the air force. I see this problem has its neutral ground, both party cannot be blamed and both party also cannot avoid from admitting guilt. First, the mother who complained, she has a right to complain. Noisy jet is always be a noisy jet. No matter how much holiness or how much complement you gave to that powerful engine, it won't silence it. By saying there are doing their training which is neces

Induction cooker: Is it good?

I am a classical person, cooking on fire. From the beginning of my enthusiasm on cooking, I only cook on fire. Classic cooktop with natural gas burner. I couldn't imagine any other cooktop other than that. Not until I went into University and started to observed my friend mini single cooktop using electric. The first one I tried to use was the normal electric burner with that coil that turn red and you can cook on that. Then came another new way of cooking which is induction cooker. A single cooktop that most college student would love to have so they can cook their meal without going to spend a lot in college cafe. When I was in district posting, our group brought that induction cooker with us so that we can cook our dinner. We were staying quit far away from town and the nearest cafe or restaurant only open until 5 pm. Thus, the induction cooker save us a lot of time and money. During that time, I was exposed to this concept of cooking on induction. Years after that, already

Pret A Gouter@ Imago KK.

Ready to taste? There are a corner at the basement of Imago KK Shopping mall called Pret A gouter. There, you can find a lot of stall serving ready to eat-finger food like snack. I love to walk there because you can grab something to bite and at the same time go around and shop. If you ever visited Imago KK, and feel like biting something, better check out this place. Here you can start your journey with a fruit stall selling fresh fruit or 'rojak', beside it you can try Kurtos spiroll. I have written about this stall here . There are Karamel Alamondo, KK cool city, Papa's, Dotts, Uncle bob, Lucky Beans, SweetHeart, Boost, Hot Roll, and a lot more. It's like a street fill with this small vendor selling snack food. A few stall I would recommend but as for now I think it's better for you all go down to this place and try everything for yourself. This place also have a few restaurant such as Chicken rice shop, Hailam Coffee, Lucy's kitchen, City Food corner, Se

Malaysia Now Will Be On Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries.

Today marked another history in Malaysia when a bribe was officially re-branded. From the beginning of our country independence, we have been fighting corruption and bribery to make ensure that the whole world trust our country as a loyal honest country. This will bring more investor and can nourished our country economy and eventually, maybe, we can achieved our vision to become a developed country. We could be an example of a developed country which emphasise on racial harmony, free of corruption, educated, high income, and much more. After years of struggling, we have arrive to this day. We proudly have eliminate corruption and bribery! Perhaps no other country could do such thing, even developed country. Our tactics and strategy should be a textbook for other country who are still trying to eliminate corruption. We rebrand bribery as donation. From now own, there will be not much bribery will be recorded in our country as every act of bribing or accepting a bribe can be consi

SweetHeart @ Imago KK

It's time to stop talking about politics. Oil price went down RM0.10 today so it's time to head out to the city, less worry about whether car need to refill petrol or not.  So Imago is kind of our place now. Around 3-4 times a week we will visit this mall. Primarily because of Everrise supermarket where we can get some rare imported goods to cook (eg: Norweign salmon, blue mackerel, chappelin, australian top cut beef, variety of olive oil), secondly because of this corner of Imago called Pret A Gouter. I believe that mean ready to taste or something..ready to eat maybe... Nevertheless, around this corner at the basement floor of this mall, there are a many stall selling this finger food. Very fast food. I call it Munchies. Every time I want to eat finger food, I will tell my wife "let's get some munchies". I do not know whether the word munchies can be used for that but it stuck, I will call it munchies no matter what.  So, there are a few good st