Buying Playstation 4 : Setting it up challenge.

After My Playstation 4 arrived at my doorstep. It was normal for me to quickly unbox it and hook it up with my Television. The first Television I hooked it up with was my LG Smart TV in my small apartment living room. It was nice. Everything working fine. I do not have games yet. So I just download the first update (the usual update you need to download when you start your Playstation). Yes, you need internet if you want to buy Playstation 4. I think it goes the same for Xbox 360. In this era of online gaming, owning a gaming console requirement was Internet. At least 4mbps Streamyx. Unifi would be better.

I would put my Playstation 4 in my bedroom. However, I do not have TV cabinet yet in my room. So, as quickly as possible ( 2 days later when I am not oncall), I bring my wife to find a suitable cabinet for our bedroom. We found it. No need to describe about it (cheap cabinet from Giant Supermarket). But trust me, It's functional and nice looking.

As you all know, buying a cabinet from Giant, you need to assemble it yourself. So I did. Finish setting it up by middle of night. Need to do that when my daughter sleep. If not, she will surely disturbed me and an hour work will become 3 hours work.

After quietly setting up the cabinet inside my bedroom and set up my Playstation 4 on it, hook it with my TV and turn it on.

To my disappointment, nothing appear on my TV's screen........

Nothing happen... after I hook up my PS4 with my old TV.



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