Buying Playstation 4: Worth it.

I already bought a game for my Playstation 4 but now my TV did not work. It must be a problem with HDMI port. My TV in the living room connected well with my Playstation 4. My bedroom's TV gave me a headache.

Call up a TV mechanic or technician, said that maybe I need to replace my TV mainboard...that would cost me around RM200. I am too lazy to fix this TV after all that I've been through to set up my Playstation 4.

Quick call... I posted an ad for my TV in again, and less than an hour, I sold my broken HDMI port TV for RM200 and with that, I was in Karamunsing Complex in Kota Kinabalu looking for a new TV.

Luckily, I found this shop selling a Hisense TV. Do you all know Hisense TV? Nope? It was a new brand introduced by this company from China. You must be thinking that it was a bad brand for a TV, you are wrong. Hisense TV provide 2 years warranty and other than the brand, everything inside the TV work well, same as LG TV or Panasonic. Why would you pay RM800 for a Toshiba or LG TV while you can get the same spec with Hisense hald of that price?

I bought a 32 inch Hisense TV for RM599 and brought it back home quickly and set it up in my bedroom.

This is my Set up,  A bit messy with the wiring but I plan to tidy that up later. Taken this pictrue from my bed. 

Now, I can play my game in Playstation 4. Everything work fines. The colour from the TV was vibrant, Playstation 4 graphic is amazing.. I just love this new console.

It is worth it? I just use it for a few days now but I would say it's worth the effort. After all that I've been through, and all the money that I had spent, I am pretty satisfy with the outcome.

Have to go...Gotham city needs me.....

(Currently playing Batman Arkkam Knight in my new Playstation 4 console).

In the end, I have to admit defeat by letting go my Xbox 360 and replace it with Playstation. Now I am officially team Playstation. 


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