Defector: Xbox 360 to Playstation 4

I am an xbox user. I have been playing my xbox 360 for almost 4 years now. It's good, the game is somehow same as what we get in PS4, most games are multiplateform nowadays. I have no problem using my xbox 360. 

Until when it came to the time to upgrade. I had been given 2 choices. To upgrade my xbox to Xbox One or to change  everything to Playstation 4. 

I love Xbox 360 controller, I can't give it up for Dualshock 4 in Playstation. However, there are many aspect that I need to see to get to my decision. 

I bought a Playstation 4 in the end. I feel like I am a defector. Why did I change it? Not because I hate  Xbox 360 but I just think that Playstation, maybe, can also serve me well. 

Playstation 4 and Xbox has become a bit to similar nowadays. Last time, I bought Xbox because of the Kinect. I can show off to my Playstation 4 friend of my new kinect game that PS3 lack. Yes PS3 has that thing that can be use for motion sensor but have you all try Kinect? Damn microsoft really know how to make game more motion realistic. I enjoyed all Kinect game that I bought. Xbox 360 also have this sexy looking body which is neat and nice display in your house living room. Game wise, what Playstation 4 gamers play, almost 99% will be available in Xbox 360. The online game experience which is Xbox Live also bring gaming to a new level. 

Now, when I get to decide which one that I want, well, there are not that much option left. Both consoles now have that Kinect / Camera for motion sensor, both have a great online network, both have great online services for home entertainment. Almost both PS4 and Xbox One specs are the same. The only different is one produced by Sony, the other by Microsoft. 

One thing that affect my decision was, I am living in Malaysia....Xbox lack of support for Malaysian Gamers. I remember how hard I try to set up my XBox 360 account using a fake Singapore Postcode. I do not want to go through that process anymore. I want a console where I just turn it on, and I am ready to play offline or online. 

In term of price, Playstation 4 might be a bit cheaper but actually Xbox One is cheaper because it includes all those accessory such as Kinect. While in Playstation 4 box, you will only get the console and a controller. 

But as for me now living in a small apartment, Kinect might be a bit harder to use. Thus, I do not need that but if I bought Xbox One, I have to purchased that along with the console. That's why it became expensive. Paying for thing I do not need . 

Well, most nerds and gamers will described comparison between Xbox and Playstation in a very technical way, the RAM, Chips, GPU, CPU whatever there is, but as a regular consumer like me, this is only a few things that I think are significant in my choice to get a Playstation 4. For me, both devices are the same. You will get that awesome picture when you play the game no matter which one you choose. 

I chose playstation and I am enjoying it now. Perhaps, in the next generation of consoles, this two giant could really introduced something new that the other devices don't have. That will make it easier to choose which one to buy. 


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