Malaysia Now Will Be On Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries.

Today marked another history in Malaysia when a bribe was officially re-branded. From the beginning of our country independence, we have been fighting corruption and bribery to make ensure that the whole world trust our country as a loyal honest country. This will bring more investor and can nourished our country economy and eventually, maybe, we can achieved our vision to become a developed country. We could be an example of a developed country which emphasise on racial harmony, free of corruption, educated, high income, and much more.

After years of struggling, we have arrive to this day. We proudly have eliminate corruption and bribery! Perhaps no other country could do such thing, even developed country. Our tactics and strategy should be a textbook for other country who are still trying to eliminate corruption.

We rebrand bribery as donation.

From now own, there will be not much bribery will be recorded in our country as every act of bribing or accepting a bribe can be considered as donation and receiving a donation. By doing this, we are one step ahead of other country which still having a headache on fighting bribery and corruption.

This would surely lift up our status to the rank of top 10 countries with least corruption. We are now stand beside other nation such as Denmark, New Zealand, Finland and Sweden. I could not believe that day will come.

This is truly a historical moment for Malaysia.

**** Sarcasm = the use of irony to mock or convey contempt ****


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