Noisy Jet Is Noisy.

I encounter an argument in Social media regarding a person who complained in Social media (obviously) regarding TUDM jet making a training at night and the noise woke the complainer kids from sleep.

I am kind of shock that this kind of stuff could be a real argument and has exposed so many character of people from underneath their coconut shell. Its a metaphor..

Looking at so many argument generated, I was trigger to write my opinion here, because obviously posting an opinion in facebook will only get a judgement. There are a lot of judge there.

I neither support the complainer nor the air force. I see this problem has its neutral ground, both party cannot be blamed and both party also cannot avoid from admitting guilt. First, the mother who complained, she has a right to complain. Noisy jet is always be a noisy jet. No matter how much holiness or how much complement you gave to that powerful engine, it won't silence it. By saying there are doing their training which is necessary to protect our country, will not make the jet less noisy. It was at night some more. And when your kids woke up by that, no matter how many reason you throw out to them, it wont make any changes.

So the mother has the right to complain. Its a genuine complained and Air Force themselves should treat the complained with respect and professionally. Unless they are not professional.

This bring back my memory when I was still working in clinical field. Escorting a patient to a tertiary hospital was our day and night job, thus one night when escorting a patient which was already intubated and in critical condition, my driver suddenly stop the ambulance siren. Why? That's my question to him. He answer that there has been a circulating order to off the siren at night in a place where there is a lot of houses. Why? Because somebody complained that ambulance was noisy and make them unable to sleep.

First reaction, as a layman, I would like to kick that complainer ass. A person is dying inside an ambulance yet you are worrying about your sleep? However, we still follow that order. Why the hell that we follow it?

The more I think about it, maybe we should do that. Who like to be disturbed at night? No one. We did not kick that complainer ass, but we adjust. We off the siren when it was late at night and when there are no car that blocking our way.

So now, going back to the topic, Air force themselves has their right to do practice at night. They maybe protecting us from the enemy from outside (yet our enemy now are not from outside but from inside our country itself, corruption). We should not stop them from doing their training. It was necessary. They should not stop doing their training just because a person complain about it.

However, they should not just ignore a complaint. That's not how we work when we are serving the public. When we are protecting our citizen life, we also should think about their life as a whole. To make all people comfortable and we are sure that we do not want to disturb them, are we not?

Both air force and the complainer cannot be blamed here. Both have their reason. But as a Malaysian, we need to blame someone. It's in our blood. I believe, if we want to blame someone, we should blame all the people who just went out from their coconut shell, and start commenting in Facebook.....

(An opinion need not to be judge. You can take it as it is, or deny it. Not judging it)


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