SweetHeart @ Imago KK

It's time to stop talking about politics. Oil price went down RM0.10 today so it's time to head out to the city, less worry about whether car need to refill petrol or not. 

So Imago is kind of our place now. Around 3-4 times a week we will visit this mall. Primarily because of Everrise supermarket where we can get some rare imported goods to cook (eg: Norweign salmon, blue mackerel, chappelin, australian top cut beef, variety of olive oil), secondly because of this corner of Imago called Pret A Gouter. I believe that mean ready to taste or something..ready to eat maybe...

Nevertheless, around this corner at the basement floor of this mall, there are a many stall selling this finger food. Very fast food. I call it Munchies. Every time I want to eat finger food, I will tell my wife "let's get some munchies". I do not know whether the word munchies can be used for that but it stuck, I will call it munchies no matter what. 

So, there are a few good stall to try, this time I would talk about this stall call Sweetheart... There are two stall selling fresh juice here but I chose this one because it is cheaper. Not that cheap 'cheaper' but cheaper than the other one. 

The other stall however gets more customer. This one, very quite, only a lady working here and maybe she is the owner herself. The other stall has 2-3 workers. 

Don't be deceived by the fact that that stall is better because the other stall sell RM10 and above juice, this one you can get it for RM8. 

I do not know what to recommend yet, but this time my wife ordered mango pamelo shake.. To describe that... I don't know how to describe it. 

If you ever visited Imago, be sure to try this stall to quench your thirst. They also sell dessert base on Sago. Mango with Sago, or berry with Sago, something like that. You may not be satisfied but you will not be disappointed. 


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