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Borneo Orchid Festival 2015 : What an orchid they have there.

My mom was a big fan of orchids. I brought hee to this international orchid festival in Kota Kinabalu City Hall last saturday.  My mom.  The best plant of the show The best species of the show Sabah Orchids Landscape.  My daughter really excited with the show. But I am not sure she was excited because of the flower or just enjoyed running around.  The winner for best landscape, from Taiwan,  Korean Orchids.  Monkey, Monkey she said.  As said by this text left by the new Zealand participant, when we slow down in nature,  maybe stop and make a cup of tea,  we notice the smallest things around us... like orchids.  

Ribut Greg - Greg Storm Hit Sabah Memory.

I was going to talk about Orchids festival, but then I watched this movie with my family just now called Into The Storm. I've watched that like last year when it came out in the cinema and most likely already talk about it before. I remember something when I watched this movie. I remember one tragedy that cost so many lives in Sabah. Years ago. It's deadlier than the recent earthquake incident. It was Greg Storm Tragedy. You may found out about this tragedy when you google it. Try Ribut Greg as a keyword. Most people in Sabah do not want to talk about this tragedy. It was sad. Most new generation do not even know about this tragedy. I've asked a few people in my workplace and only a few of them remember this thing, the rest, were still a too young to remember or not yet born at that time. It happen on 26 Disember 1996. Everyone had their experience when it happen. Those in Tambunan, lost lot of loves one when this storm hit their area very, very, hard. Hundreds if not

Beats by Dre: Love it or hate it.

Since I broke my beatsbydre headphone months ago,  I kind of trying all sort of headphone.  The last one is bluedio hurricane.  I just broke it a few days ago.  Along the way,  I have done a bit of research on headphone.  Most of the information provided in the internet were bashing beatsbydre.  Most of the forumer were saying beatsbydre is the worse headphone ever.  Its overpriced,  yes.  The quality is too bad,  that's subjective.  I do not agree on saying this beats headphone is bad.  It was not bad after all.  Compare it with other headphone,  its comfortable and gives you an experienced like no others when listening to music.  Okay,  when someone compare it to a 6 thousand ringgit headphone,  that would be unfair.  Compare it to the same price range headphone then maybe,  just maybe (as it was subjective),  the other headphone win.  But compare it to thr same quality headphone,  almost all priced the same.  100-200 different in price range,  and you get this sony

Food Celebrity: Eat with a Talent.

Just a few years ago, we would watch a cooking show in our free channel tv. Once in a while, this chefs who were cooking in that show start travelling around cooking all over the places. Then they start travelling. Then there were Anthony Bourdain. Yes, he was the first chef turn celebrity that I watched on the television. Just before Malaysia had her own food hunting shows which was called "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan". Then, everything just explode. Now there were a dew channels dedicated just for this kind of show, plus cooking show. Then, there were hundreds of food celebrity start appearing in our TV. For me, Anthony Bourdain set the baseline of this travelling and eating show. He is my favourite. His reaction were genuine, his words were honest and sometimes to bold. He critics or praised the food as every other person would do. Reviewing food will not be that great if everything is good and delicious (sponsored would not agree), its about the real taste so that nobody w

Red Shirt Rally : A Shameful of Malaysia

How much shame could you bring to Malaysia? O nce a proud country with claimed to be multiracial,  honest,  clean,  and civilised.  We Malaysia are keeping our eye on becoming a developed country,  yet we take a turn and go back to the beginning.  Nevertheless,  some of Malaysian still do not want to admit that we are doing so.  I have written previously on how I hate racism and we Malaysian should admit that racism is still an issue in this country.  Yet,  nobody want to admit that and our government keep on saying that racism is dead in this country and we should worry about other thing.  They were wrong.  Today,  they proved themselves by doing a rally for Malay. To be clear here,  Malay is a race.  Malay is majority in Malaysia.  Most of our leader are Malay.  Most of the law are in favour of Malay in this country.  Yet they are doing a rally to fight for their right.  Imagine the 70s in america,  where black people were oppressed by the white.  Imagine you were there looking at

JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara): An experience Birth Registration.

It has been a busy week for me. I have no time to update my blog primarily because my wife recently delivered. A new addition to our family member, yeah ( a small celebration there). So, when you have a new baby, the first thing that immediately came to your mind is, to get it registered as soon as possible. You do not want an unregistered baby, especially here in Sabah where illegal immigrant are competing to occupy most of the population here. ( Just saying...) My experience in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National registration department) was not as smooth as I expected before. My first baby, I have no trouble getting her registered but this second one, I had to drive 3 times to JPN just to get my new baby registered. The problem happen when nobody in Hospital explain to us regarding registration process like what they did in Hospital Sipitang, where I practiced before. Maybe, they thought that, this was my second time so I should be fine with it. Wrong, the process in KK city

Merdeka: The old, Young and The Future.

Independence day in Malaysia was celebrated decently by Malaysian. No matter which one do you went, Bersih 4.0 rally or Merdeka Day celebration, or both, you are still a Malaysian and nobody can look down on your patriotism without your consent. In the television, newspaper, article on the internet, people start debating about the true meaning of Merdeka or Independence. Most of them (in the TV) were saying that younger generation do not know what Merdeka means. Relating the issue to the street rally held recently, those people are forcing younger generation to admit that Merdeka means what they think it should means. Leading to a conclusion that the younger generations are not so free to choose what they want to think. What is the meaning of independence then? For the old, independence must have mean something related to how those countrymen struggle to gain this country independence in 1957. Their hard work and their experience on living in a country where British Colony restrict